MR. DAGUPEÑO: Pandemic-Proof Franchise Business Fit for the New Normal!

First established in Antipolo City on December 2016, Mr. Dagupeño, a business engaged in selling inihaw na boneless bangus and bangus take-out store franchises in the Philippines, now has 32 branches nationwide, and on June 2022, it will have 40 branches. 

Mr. Dagupeño celebrates the delicious and tasty Dagupan bangus, the "pride" of Pangasinan, as well as other well-known products from the province. Mr. Dagupeño is a celebration of the pride of Pangasinan and, true to its Pangasinan lineage, the store offers other famous products from the province and the great north. From the classic Inihaw na Boneless Bangus, the business now offers other delicious bangus delicacies, in its drive to become the number one bangus take-out kiosk in the country.

Although living in Rizal, the owners originate from the City of Dagupan, home of the best tasting Dagupan bangus. Mr. Dagupeño is now present in the different towns and cities of Rizal, Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna and, soon, in other places where there is a clamor for good and tasty bangus!


Pandemic-Proof Franchise Business Fit for the New Normal! 

Starting a franchise business in the middle of a pandemic is definitely not an easy task. The recent restrictions can be a roadblock to your success. However, with the right research and careful planning, any business can thrive even in the middle of a pandemic. All you need is to adapt.

When in doubt, go for food. After all, there will always be a demand for food. People are always in search of good food that will satisfy their cravings.

You can start your food business by being creative and think of ways that haven’t been done before. However, keep in mind that we are still in a pandemic. Quarantine restrictions can be a temporary roadblock for your success since people aren’t going out. That’s why having an online presence and delivery options are vital for businesses nowadays. 

Looking for a business that will work in the new normal?  MR. DAGUPEÑO is one of the BEST FRANCHISE businesses in the next two years! Mr. Dagupeño offers turn-key pandemic franchise business package for only 435,000 pesos these include the store construction, the use of trademark, franchise system, training, all the needed equipments, utensils, POS and more. 

Right now, MR. DAGUPEÑO has 5 company-own branches and 35 franchisee. With 7 months to 1 year return of investment (ROI)

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose MR. DAGUPEÑO

  • Alternative over Crowded Market. Everyone is in the crowded business of selling chicken in the major thoroughfares. There is room for alternatives and in this space that Mr. Dagupeño stands out.​
  • The Mr. Dagupeño Name. The Dagupan origin of the product and the business concept provides a built-in advantage in that the city is synonymous to quality bangus. Owning the Mr. Dagupeño brand name is, thus, an edge. Masamsamit ya talaga (Masarap talaga)!
  • Healthy Option. Bangus is a sought after product for the fitness conscious public, including senior citizens who are trying to watch after their diet, and individuals looking for healthier products.
  • Affordable Franchise Package. At the moment, Mr. Dagupeño offers an affordable package. It is first and foremost in the business owners’ minds to be able to assist and support the franchisees towards gaining back their investments fast and to grow their business into more stores. The franchisee is considered a partner and is seen as a building block for the business’ optimal growth. For inquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch.

For More Details:

Franchising Hotline: (02) 7116-1324

Official Website:

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