43rd Engineering Games: Going Beyond Limits to Reach One's Greatness

From roads to bridges, from railways to houses, and from electronics to computers. There is an engineer planning, constructing, innovating, and inventing behind everything. For 43 years, PUP College of Engineering has been fully committed and never failed to produce top-notch quality and excellent students in different fields of engineering. 

In line with this, this coming May 23 to 28, take part as we commemorate PUP Engineering Week with the theme "Defender @43: Safeguarding the Academic Rights and Freedom of the Nation's Future Engineers." This event purely aims to acknowledge every effort and endeavour made throughout the journey of engineering students. Not only that, but since we are still in the midst of a pandemic and in a synchronous class, it also seeks to build strong connections, strengthen the bond, and create meaningful relationships between engineering students. 

Engineering week is a full-week celebration that will feature fun and competitive Engineering Games exclusively for bonafide engineering students, such as Ultimate Engineering Quiz Show, Photo Contest and Digital Poster Making, Essay Writing Contest and Pagsulat ng Sanaysay, Spoken Poetry, Introduction of Department, E-Games, Battle of the Voice, and Engineering Best Dance Crew. These games strive to showcase their skills, abilities, and talents.

not miss your chance to experience, have fun, and spend your week with us and with your fellow batch mates. Let’s not forget to mark our calendars for this special occasion!

From the seven engineering programs, who do you think would be the worthy champion for this year’s Engineering Week?

JL Santiago Aquino

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