What are they saying to JayL Aquino and ;-)

"one-word: HARDWORKING. Jay, the blog’s top honcho, is a hardworking blogger, trying to cover almost everything in his blog… and he’s doing a good job on it."
- Roy Dela Cruz,

"One of the young bloggers that I know and I can see his dedication on his craft. I also like how he was able to express his honest opinions on the different items that he review via his blog post."

"I learn about this site through Boy Kuripot's. I was a witnessed on how this blog evolved from a mixed blog to a movie blog and even the changes on Jay's template from purple to cream. I've also met the blogger since I won on his contest and got the prize to him personally. Guys, he is so nice! Napaka-down to earth."

"This blog really bring fun for its readers, not just by providing quality and unique content, but also by posting some great post such as recent happenings in the Philippines and latest buzz on Philippine Celebrities, and its not also late by providing latest new on Technology as well as fashions and Lifestyle."
- Phillip Barroso,

" I admire this blogger for his dedication and perseverance. He’s truly an inspiration to new and aspiring bloggers."
- Ryan San Juan,

"JayL is one of the few bloggers that I admire a lot. I know him since I started blogging and he's one of the reasons why I chose to stayed at the Blogosphere."
- Mc Richard Paglicawan,

"BLOG-PH had been one of the blogs which provides consistent news and information about lifestyle and what is happening in the metro. This lifestyle blog is owned by JayL Aquino. With JayL's superb blogging skills BLOG-PH had achieved a powerful ranking in the blogging industry."
- Mei Santiago,

" is an online repository of articles on the hip and happening places in the metro, peppered with relevant information on current trends, movies, showbiz buzz on all the good thing about the Philippines. It presents a different Philippines to the world, showcasing Filipino artistry and talent at its best. ;)"
- Erlyn Lazaro,

"There are many bloggers but only few who influenced the most readers. One of them is a fellow blogger named Jay-L Aquino. He has gathered 40000 views in a month for one year. His site has been voted 37 times for Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. In addition to this, he is well-respected in the blogging community and his blog post are always updated."
- Mark Vincent Nunez,

"JayL - another pop culture blogger which never ceases to amaze on how he does his blog, does he even sleep?"
- Stonibert Lim,

"JayL, the man behind BLOG-PH, managed to make his lifestyle blog to the Top 100 Philippine Blogs (according to Top Blogs Philippines) in less than a year. With that, I think he deserves to win the blogger’s choice award."
- Galwin Fabian,

" is one of the blogs that I hop onto whenever I want to get updated with the latest lifestyle buzzes. Not only that! From music to news category, JayL Aquino’s blog is definitely an online hub that should not be missed out."

"Nicely made. PR3. High Alexa rank. Good mix of Entertainment, Fashion, Music and Technology. The blog speaks for itself."
- Narciso Tapia,

"What's the latest? I personally find as one of the best blogs to keep myself up to date with news of all sorts. This site features the most current info about the Philippine music, lifestyle, fashion, celebrities, movies, food, travel, technology as well as blogger events."
- Jap Vergonia,

"nicely written mixed bag blog"  
- Renz Alcantara,

"JAY? an online friend. The person behind Look at his achievements when it comes to blogging? No wonder why this blog is a success. KUDOS Jay! Keep posting and giving your readers and the netizens informative blog posts."
- Mark Gallardo,

" has been in my network of blogs to visit for fresh updates on many things. I tell you, the author is the picture of the word “enthusiastic”. If you are up for gigs updates, food, tech and travel, this is one of the blogs that you would not want to skip."
- Dimaks Saj,

"I called this as a one stop info blog. Why? because everything is in there - Music which I love most, Lifestyle, Fashion, Celebrities, Technologies, Movies, Travels and many more."


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  2. Jay L... your such a nice guy ;) Easy to mingle / deal with. Stay Happy. Godbless :)

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