7 Ways to Use GRIPS Hair Wax and GRIPS Hair Clay FX

Our hairstyle can either 'make or break' us. It can make us look good or make us look bad, so we are trying to maintain our crowning glory to look healthy and in tip-top shape. Looking good & presentable makes us feel more comfortable with ourselves and, boost our self-confidence at the same time.

There are several different products you can use to shape or arrange your hair. One of the most used hairstyle products are: hair wax, hair clay and hair gels. The great thing about hair clay & wax is that you have limitless styling uses & it don’t leave you hair stiff like other hair product does.

Back in high school, I used to hair gels but when I discovered hair waxes I switched to it immediately. It was not so shiny, affordable and so easy to use. My current brand is GRIPS, the difference of this brand is it's equipped with Pro-Vitamin B5 and has EasyWash Formula. So i felt this product is not harsh to my hair and easy to wash too, which is one of the disadvantages of using wax.

Below is the 7 Ways to Use GRIPS Hair Wax & GRIPS Hair Clay FX.  Not a professional guide but rather more of a sharing from what I have learned from my experience :-)

1. “Wild Shake”

Ideal When You're Going To: Club, Malls, Parties
Product Used: GRIPS Hair Wax "Hard & Mat"

One of my favorite style but not when I'm in a hurry :) This one is an edgy and creates a 3D effect to the hair. How to achieve this? Easy. Take an ample amount of hair wax and run your fingers through your hair a few time and scatter the wax randomly. Blend & apply well from hair roots for longer hold. Create a messy spike! Twist some hair ends towards your face for more emphasis & definition.

2. “Mohawk”

Ideal When You're Going To: School, Club, Malls, Parties
Product Used: GRIPS Hair Clay FX

This one has many variation but it's a style with usually upright hair and the sides are tamed. It's popular here in the Philippines because it's easy to achieve and it looks cute too. The secret to long lasting faux hawk is a good hair clay like GRIPS Hair Clay FX. When I do this, I usually don't need any combs just my finger. You can reshape the hair with your hands anytime of the day.

3. “Clean Look”

Ideal When You're Going To: School, Neighbors, House
Product Used: GRIPS Hair Wax "Hard & Shiny"

Also known as "geeky" or "conservative" hairstyle. The hair are tamed, bland and simple without much drama. This is the style to go if you are just going to stroll in the park, buy at supermarket or visit your neighbor friend. I think this (or the "Casual Hairstyle) should be your look if your meeting your girlfriend's parent for the first time ;-) For a longer hold use GRIPS Hair Wax Hair & Shiny.

4. “Comb Back”

Ideal When You're Going To: Churches, Weddings, Corporate/Formal Events
Product Used: GRIPS Hair Clay FX

This hairstyle could be considered “retro” but since it has never left, it may just be another one of the most popular male hairstyles this year. If you want to achieve a corporate look or attending a formal event like weddings, this is the way to go. There are many variations of "Side Part" but all of them display a neat and well-groomed appearance.

5. “Side Spike”

Ideal When You're Going To: Office, Malls, School
Product Used: GRIPS Hair Wax "Mat & Hard"

This is just a variation of the "Mohawk" which I normally do especially when I feel I'm too old for the Mohawk, teehee! :) Using your fingers, create an upward hairstyle first like a 'faux hawk' then, set your hair to the side. This is so useful especially when your hair has grown longer. The best thing about GRIPS Hair Wax is it's lightweight, and not greasy or oily.

6. “Casual Look”

Ideal When You're Going To: School, Neighbors, House
Product Used: GRIPS Hair Wax "Hard & Shiny"

Similar to "Clean Look" except this one has more "hair" to the front. Just imagine "Daniel Padilla" who is the GRIPS' current brand ambassador. Achieve this by placing a small amount of GRIPS Hair Wax and create a loose and natural hold through out the tip of your hair for a smooth finish. When applying GRIPS Hair Wax, run the wax through your hair uniformly so you don’t end up with clumps.

7. “Random”

Ideal When You're Going To: Anywhere
Product Used: Any GRIPS Hair Products

There are no general rule in hairstyling. It depends on our mood for today. Well you can call this "JayL Hairstyle" or "Whatever Goes" haha. Aside from "Mohawk" and "Side Spike, most of the time this is my hair style especially if the event is not important. Aside from this 7 hairstyles, GRIPS hair products can help you achieve limitless hairstyles! Just like they said, "your imagination is the limit!"

After putting wax on your hair, ready to go? Of course put some cologne first. ;-) Try my new find, FIONA COLOGNES! I'm not really a fan of musky manly scents I prefer colognes that smells like I've got out of the shower. My fave is their "Raspberry Drops" feels fresh & calming. You can choose from other scents: Cool Burst , Bubbly Pink, Snow Breeze, Pretty Mist, Youthful Bliss & Ice Glacier.


SKINTEC (makers of GRIPS & FIONA Colognes) Products are available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and sari sari stores nationwide. Find them on Puregold Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Super 8 Supermarket, Landmark Supermarket, Shopwise, Rustan's Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, Waltermart Mall, Parco Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, Southstar Drug, Sta. Lucia Mall, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Cash and Carry, Isetann Supermarket, Metro Gaisano, Ultra Mega Supermarket, Pioneer Supermarket, Mightee Mart, Citimart Mall, Rose Pharmacy, CSI Mall, Magic Mall, etc.

Grips Hair Wax Hard and Shiny with Pro-Vitamin B5: 75g jar - Php 81.75; 5g sachet - Php 3.40. Grips Hair Wax Xtreme Hard & Mat with Pro- Vitamin B5: 75g jar - Php 85.00; 5g sachet - Php 3.63. Grips Hair Wax Hard and Mat: 75g jar - Php 81.75; 5g sachet - Php 3.40.

Grips Clay FX with Pro-Vitamin B5 and EasyWash Formula is available at 75g jar - Php 86.90 and 5g sachet for only Php 4.35.

Grips Hair Gel is available in 3 variants--Extra Strong Hold with D-Panthenol, Strong Hold with D-Panthenol, and Strong Hold with Aloe Vera in 50g and 130g Bottle Tubes and 14g sachets. 50g bottle - Php 11.55; 130g bottle- Php 20.90; 12 sachets (14g each) - Php 15.90

You can avail any of these Fiona Cologne scents in five handy bottles: 25ml (Php 15.00) , 50ml (Php 24.75), 75ml (Php 34.00) , 100ml (Php 39.00) fliptop bottles and 50ml spray bottle (Php 35.25).

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