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Uratex K Everyday Premium

In a multi-tasking world of 24/7 lifestyles, there’s nothing like getting a good night’s sleep to relax, restore your energy, and revitalize your spirits. That is why choosing the right mattress for your bed is important, and Our Home, the lifestyle store where one can get great designs at great prices, gathered three top brands – Uratex, Slumberland, and King Koil to give us an insight on mattress matters.

Uratex, one of the leading foam manufacturers in Southeast Asia produces high quality mattresses known for their durability, comfort, and support. The company had its beginnings in 1968 when Robert Cheng formulated the high quality Uratex foam, which has since become the country’s best- seller.

Today, Uratex continues to spearhead innovations in mattresses with its Coolmax technology that balances body moisture and minimizes tiredness caused by perspiration during sleep. Its Senso Memory Mattress eases back pain and pressure and provides relief from discomfort; while the Orthocare Mattress ensures better blood circulation, proper spine alignment, and exceptional support and comfort while you sleep. Sleeping in a Uratex mattress is a blissful experience as these are all Sanitized to protect these from bacteria, dust mites, fungi, and unpleasant odors.

Slumberland has been manufacturing high quality mattresses in the United Kingdom since John Seccumbe founded the company in 1919. In 1964, it produced the first ever spring system, known as the posture spring.

To this day, Slumberland mattresses still use the world famous Posture Springing System, which is made of one continuous coil to give an interlinked system so our body’s weight is spread throughout the mattress. Slumberland mattresses have an anti-dust mite fabric and Joma wool that has cooling properties and absorbs extra moisture.

Slumberland’s latest innovations can be found in the Tempsmart and Bio-Ceramic series. Tempsmart is designed to allow the air to flow in and out of the mattress freely preventing seating, chilling, and shivering for a cool and hygienic sleep. The Bio-Ceramic series technology, on the other hand, emits infra- red rays for healing properties- reducing stress and muscle fatigue, as well as improving metabolism and blood circulation while you sleep.

King Koil, the only mattress endorsed by Doctors of Chiropractic, has its beginnings at Saint Paul, Minnesota, where Samuel Bronstein started it in 1898. Since that time, it has become known for its premiere mattresses in 70 countries including the Philippines.

King Koil’s Chiropractic Coils provide support and proper spinal alignment in the lumbar area, giving greater stability, firmness, and comfort.

It also has a deep quilted cover that gives exceptional softness and resilience as well as a Flex Edge Support that extends the mattress’ life with a no-sag seating edge. The luxurious and fashionable Damask Ticking cover is not only stylish, but also treated for dust mites.

Sleep in style – and avail these selected items at SM City Marilao and all Our Home stores.

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