Malungai Life Oil of Manila's Nature Link

I spent my rainy Tuesday afternoon at Oakwood Premiere (Joy~Nostalg Center Manila) at Ortigas for the Malungai Life Oil Bloggers Event. The program is hosted by JC Cuadrado and was graced by the Chairman and CEO of Manila Nature's Link Corporation, Ariel Nepomuceno. The guest speaker is Dr. Marthony P. Basco, MD, MPH.

Malungai Life Oil is a natural food supplement in a soft gel capsule that contains 500mg of combined oil extract from Malunggay (Moringa) leaves and seed. They are made from the biotechnology company, Manila Nature's Link Corporation that offers nature-based products to suit a wide range of health and nutrional concerns.

The event is started by a short greeting from JC Cuadrado, the event's host.

Then it was followed by a short remarks from Ariel Nepomuceno, the Chairman and CEO of Manila's Nature Link Corporation, makers of Malungai Life Oil. He told us a brief background why they chose Moringga (Malunggay) as the main ingredients for the capsule.

Malunggay (moringa) is a nutritional superfood. Tests prove that it contains:

14 times more VITAMIN C than in Oranges.
8 times more VITAMIN A than in Carrots.
8 times more CALCIUM than in Milk.
6 times more POTASSIUM than in Banana.
6 times more IRON than in Spinach.
6 times more VITAMIN E than in Almonds.
4 times more PROTEIN than in Yogurt.

One P16.50 capsule of MLO contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients equivalent to about P500 worth of produce. In our busy day, MLO is an efficient way to supplement nutrients, lower the blood sugar and regulate the cholesterol created by the typical modern diet.

After that it's Dr. Marthony P. Basco turn on the stage. Dr. Basco is an MD and has already appeared on numerous TV shows on ABS-CBN, GMA-7 and Studio 23. He's also a Child and Public Health Specialist, a TV and Radio Host Trainer and a Resource Person. He told us a lot of things, I think I experience an information overload that afternoon :) From photosynthesis to chlorophyll, even enzymes and messenger sources, it's like going back to high school all over again. But I'm not complaining since I learn a lot of things.

His topic is titled MLO: Make Life Outstanding, the acronym which also stands for Malungai Life Oil. One of the things I remembered from his talk is when he says: "You are what you EAT and you are WHO you eat with."

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  1. Moringa Oleifera is popular all over the world. It is known as miracle plant because it has major contribution in medical field. All parts of Moringa Oleifera are very useful such as roots, flowers, and leaves.

  2. Moringa can be especially beneficial for people recovering from injuries or chronic disease, and those who suffer from certain muscular conditions. These properties also help make moringa a safe and effective diuretic.

  3. I just want to know that how to consume moringa
    ? I need to boil the leaves or in some different manner.

  4. can it help regrow hair? I have HIV (Hair Is Vanishing) hahaha.
    i am planning in buying the product this coming pay day. any inputs are appreciated, thanks!

  5. I am facing digestion problems, It takes very long for me to digest food. Please suggest me what should i do? Medicines are not helping me at all.

  6. Os páginas destacados em vermelho devem ser evitados.

  7. With their personal ties these PR persons can easily convey subtle messages to reporters.