Chooks-To-Go Sayaw Fever

Eat the chicken, dance like chicken, earn one million. Other than a big boxing match, nothing brings Filipinos together than eating and merry-making. The two activities are perhaps forever intertwined as a way to celebrate any joyful occasion, be it big or small.

From weddings to graduations to weekend nights out, the desire to boogie to a beat and chow down to some delectable eats are a staple in practically every Filipino’s life. So it’s no big surprise that whenever a new hip dance move is introduced, it catches on like wildfire and takes center stage in fiestas and family gatherings.

Today, a contest is brewing that allows everyone to indulge both activities with the promise of not only recognition but the chance to win 1 million pesos. That contest is the “Chooks-To-Go Sayaw Fever” by Bounty Fresh.

Nationwide dance craze

Poised to become the next big dance craze to sweep the country, “Chooks-To-Go Sayaw Fever” invites participants from all over the country to perform their own version of the “Chooks Dance” or “Chicken Dance.”

Chooks-To-Go, the country's tastiest and juiciest roast chicken brand from Bounty Fresh, recently launched the biggest dance competition to date in Philippine history. The contest is open to everyone who wishes to try their hand (and the rest of their bodies) for the one million cash prize.

"We have been very happy with the amount of participants and reception we’ve gotten so far. It’s very exciting to see different styles of dancing from people of different walks of life,” says Dondi Alentajan, group marketing head of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. “The different interpretations of the Chooks-To-Go dance we’ve seen are very entertaining. We hope to see more crazy and fun moves in the weeks to come.”

Groovy dance routines from Luz-Vi-Min

With screenings having begun last November 8 in 56 major cities, Chooks-To-Go has set up audition centers nationwide that can accommodate all interested participants. Joining is really simple: a total of four (4) to ten (10) contestants are allowed to form a group, regardless of age and gender.

All groups are welcome, whether amateur or professional. All they have to do is to be at their most creative and give it their best shot, as they dance to the tune of the official Chooks-To-Go jingle, which can be downloaded at

Screenings all over the Philippines are ongoing, attracting a wide range of people from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. P10,000 cash await the first batch of winners of the Party Eliminations, who will advance (all transportation and accommodation expenses paid) to the Super Regionals.

Winners from each region will receive P30,000 and will travel to Cebu City for the Grand Finals. The grand prize of P1,000,000 will be awarded to the overall champion with the first runner-up receiving P200,000 and the second runner-up getting P100,000.

Have a healthy Noche Buena

“Chooks-To-Go Sayaw Fever” is also a great way to be fit, as it promotes being active during the holiday season. And Chooks-To-Go's roast chicken is also a healthy fare, the perfect for the Noche Buena table.

While Christmas gatherings are always overflowing with food, the dishes are often known to be high in fat and rather unhealthy. Such bingeing often leads to thicker waistlines and repeat New Year’s resolutions of losing weight. But since an all vegetarian Noche Buena isn’t an exciting option either, there are still many ways to enjoy one’s food and eat healthy.

A combination of moderate eating, trimming the fat off the ham and loading up on vegetables and fruits is the best way to go. Smarter food choices are also important such as Chooks-To-Go’s lechon manok, which is an ideal dish as it is oven-roasted, hence there’s less oil. What’s more, it doesn’t require sauce of any kind since it tastes good all by itself, which means fewer calories.

It's fun, it's healthy, and it will earn the winning dance group heaps of money! Join “Chooks-To-Go Sayaw Fever” now and take part in the biggest dance contest of the year!

For more details on how to join “Chooks-To-Go Sayaw Fever”, please visit For Luzon contestants, please contact Jonathan dela Rosa or Jonas Zamora of Greenlight Marketing Solutions and Events Company at (02) 470.3966, 470.4014, 0922.535.9303, or 0949.499.5306. For Visayas and Mindanao contestants, please contact Castro Creative Concepts at (032) 233.5758, 0933.330.1190, or 0917.995.7703.

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