UP StatSoc’s 41st Anniversary: Advancing to the Next Level

For every pixel represents a member, and when put together, they create an image that may last forever.

The UP Statistical Society celebrates its 41st Anniversary Celebration with the title POWER UP: Unlocking StatSoc @Level 41. Truly fitting for its title, the organization constantly strives to create a better environment for its members, alumni, statistics community, and the whole nation by continuously unlocking and reaching next levels to help the advancement of Statistics. 

Upholding its values of service and excellence, the UP StatSoc prepared the following events: Co-op: Fur a Case, a donation drive for Pet Paradise PH, an organization that rescues stray, neglected, and maltreated animals; Lucky 8-bit Grand Raffle will also take place to raise funds wherein the partial of the generated income will also be used to provide additional donation to Pet Paradise PH and; Snapshot: A Furry Paw-to is a photo essay contest that promotes appreciation towards our pet animals. 

Moreover, opening and closing bonding activities, called Beta Access: Opening Bonding Activity and Overtime: Exhaust your character, respectively will be an avenue for members and alumni to bond together, build relationships, and expand their network that wil sure help them unlock new levels in their respective careers. The Dev Room: A StatSoc Online Exhibit on the other hand will be showcasing past and present achievements and events of the organization\ because nothing beats a shared treasured memory.

Lastly, to help members of the UP Community and the whole nation unlock a new stage of knowledge and perspective, Walkthrough: A Guide to Statistics in Economic Policy-Making, a webinar discussion that will highlight the importance of Statistics in formulating economic decisions will also take place. 

All of these initiatives will be from September 16 - October 24, 2022. That is why, the UP Statistical Society cordially invites you to their 41st Anniversary Celebration. Together, unlock more levels in the field of Statistics!

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