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Technology is constantly moving forward, and businesses that keep up are, more often than not, businesses with huge budgets. But technology allows for resourcefulness, too. Needless to say, businesses that know how to use resources that deliver but don't necessarily cut too deep on their financial reserves are winners as well. If you're resourceful and you want to keep that winning stride, consider the following sites:


As a result of the very stiff competition among low-cost airlines, searching for the best airfare deals has become time-consuming nowadays. Airlines would rather have their consumers check their own corporate sites and/or partner third-party sites for the best deals they have to offer, instead of the old practice of pitching them to comparison websites where they can potentially be snatched away by their peers. This can be pretty frustrating, especially for the would-be traveler who cannot afford the luxury of time. is a search engine that systematically goes through more than 700 airline sites and hundreds of flight sites for the best airfare deals available, and makes the data accessible in a single site for the public to utilize, drastically cutting down on the time and effort it usually takes to find the cheapest airfare promos.


Transparent collaboration and communications within a company is imperative to streamlining processes and ensuring workplace efficiency. As a result, tools such as intranets and CRMs have gained prominence in a short span of time. Then again, for the small businessman or struggling bootstrapper, these tools may prove too costly.

100% free for companies with a maximum of 12 employees, is an all-in-one corporate intranet application that aggregates separate tools like a free and fully functional CRM, free instant messaging, free collaboration and activity stream, free project management, free workforce monitoring and a whole lot more. Cloud-based as it is, it doesn't require any installation and can be accessed via mobile phone or a web browser, allowing you the flexibility of bringing your virtual workspace anywhere. An upgrade that can accommodate an unlimited number of users is at a nominal $99 monthly.


At one point in time, we've all been there - coming up with an idea for a website, only to discover that the domain you think fits the site to a T has been taken. The culprit is something you and I can't do anything about. Millions and millions of TLDs (top-level domains) have already been registered and more are being registered everyday. If you really want to create a differentiated brand that resonates in a saturated marketplace, hiring a branding agency most definitely is a sound idea IF you have a lot of money to spare. These agencies can cost you up to thousands of dollars. is an online crowdsourcing platform that helps individuals and small businesses come up with relevant, unique, easy-to-remember and catchy domains, names and slogans. Having been in the business since 2007, PickyDomains has a base of more than 50,000 registered contributors worldwide. To start receiving suggestions, register with the site and become a client, make a downpayment of $50 for a name or domain (a slogan costs $75) and submit your naming needs. If none of the suggestions you receive matches your requirements, you get a refund, which is what makes this service 100% risk-free.

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