NOKIA Makes Photo Sharing Easy

Nowadays, people are getting into the trend of sharing photos via online albums, Facebook posts and picture messages. A day won’t go by without them presenting pictures of how great their day was or something that interests them. This fad has become more prevalent since the discovery of the ease and convenience of uploading and sharing photos through mobile phones.

However, it hasn’t always been like that. Before, people would store and share their photos using physical albums. Also, the process of taking, processing, printing and sticking photos in an album would take weeks. It was not until the 80s that digitalization of photography was introduced. People were then able to hand over a CD of images or attach a photo file by email. Then the evolution of internet opened more ways of sharing photos and videos online. Blogging allowed people to post photos and views of just about anything.

In 2000, the first camera phones appeared, followed by the first MMS-capable mobile phones. This started the trend of mobile photo sharing. Contributing greatly to this phenomenon was Nokia, the world’s biggest camera manufacturer. It has continuously presented numerous devices that have built-in cameras and mobile sharing capabilities.

Nokia makes another milestone in image technology with their new Nokia 808 PureView. This groundbreaking smartphone captures your everyday moments with its world-class Carl Zeiss 41MP lens and then transforms photos into 5MP images that can be instantly and easily shared.

Based upon research from Nokia’s Future Trends team, which tracks emerging trends in mobility, people use photos to let others know who they are and what great lives they have. Photo sharing websites and social networks like Facebook and Twitter were born from this need. Social media photos were eventually transformed into online scrapbooks and timelines so everyone knows you are leading lives that are happy and fulfilled.

To help make your photos stand out Nokia Store offers apps such as Photofunia, PhotoFX and Camera Lover Pack to add effects and props before you capture a photo. Then you can instantly upload this and share it to your friends through mail or to your social networks.

With Nokia set to deliver more phones enriched with image technology and apps to enhance photos, expect to see more unique and original ways to use and share photos.

JL Santiago Aquino

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