Mu Week 2022: Telos — Relentless Glory, Blazing Legacy

The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority is the first, the largest, and the most acclaimed medical  fraternity and sorority in the Philippines and in Asia. Guided by the Four Pillars — Brotherhood  and Sisterhood, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service — both the Fraternity and the Sorority have  produced more than 3,200 Brothers and Sisters from across the World to be pioneers, leaders,  scholars, luminaries, scientists, and humanitarians in the field of medicine.  

Every year, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority hold Mu Week from August to September  to celebrate the Fraternity and Sorority’s decades of glory! This year, The Mu Sigma Phi shall  celebrate Mu Week 2022—TELOS: Relentless Glory, Blazing Legacy. 

The celebration will kick-off with the Mu Exhibit, which showcases the Fraternity and Sorority's  flagship projects and accomplishments of the past years under each Pillar. The exhibit features  the achievements of its Brothers and Sisters in the field of Medicine and beyond, a testament to  the ideals of the Fraternity and Sorority in forming pioneers, leaders, scholars, luminaries,  scientists, humanitarians – always striving to become the best version that one can be.  

The essence of Brotherhood and Sisterhood will be best exemplified during our Mu Fiesta. Here,  the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority, provide meals to the Brods and Sisses who have  dedicated their time and effort in service for the betterment of the people.  

Beyond the walls of the hospital, the Brothers and Sisters of Mu Sigma Phi exemplify their talents  through Mu Rock: Stripped, a three-part cover series where all-time favorite songs are performed  and uploaded on the official Facebook page of Mu Week. 

Managing finances is an essential skill of doctors and doctors-to-be. Under the Pillar of  Scholarship, Money Talks aims to promote financial literacy among individuals in the medical  field. This talk touches on a wide range of topics, such as cryptocurrency, stock market, forex  trading, bonds, budget management, and business management. 

Another event under the Pillar of Scholarship is MEDley: Endless Opportunities in Medicine, which  will feature alumni Brothers and Sisters who will share their journey in discovering their paths after  graduating from medical school. The opportunities in medicine are endless. There may be many  roads that one can venture. As such, the Mu Sigma Phi Brothers and Sisters, who excel in various  fields of practice, share their experiences on paving the way for their careers in Public Health,  Hospital Management, Business, Corporate Practice, Pharmaceuticals, Research, Academia,  and so many more! 

Kaya Mu Ba? is a quiz show that tests the wit and grit of the Freshmen of the UP College of  Medicine on current events, history, medical vocabulary, and pop culture. This exciting event is  sure to spark friendly competition and fun among the participants.

In the spirit of self-denying Service, one of the Mu Sigma Phi’s flagship projects is Lukso ng Dugo,  a blood-letting activity that seeks to save lives through the procurement of blood for the benefit of  the Philippine General Hospital with the help of partner communities and organizations. 

ImMUnity: An Ounce of Prevention is one of the Sorority’s flagship projects under the Pillar of  Service that aims to promote awareness on vaccine-preventable diseases. One of its arms,  Bakunadong Bayani, a vaccine clinic providing free Influenza and Hepatitis B vaccines to  employees and students of PGH, emphasizes the importance of immunization in protecting the  public. 

With all the exciting events in store, we would like to invite everyone to join us and take part in  the festivities for this year’s Mu Week 2022 — TELOS: Relentless Glory, Blazing Legacy, this  August 22 - September 11, 2022. See you there! 

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