Twitter Marketing 2022: 6 Tips Brands Can Use to Improve their Strategy

Twitter Marketing 2022: 6 Tips Brands Can Use to Improve their Strategy

Time sure flies, eh? We're already almost finished with the current year, but it seemed like the New Year welcoming parties and gatherings were just a few nights of sleep behind us.

If you're an online brand, surely you've accomplished a lot in that period when it comes to your digital marketing activities on Twitter, which is considered one of the most effective platforms to promote your brand on social media. With 206 million daily active users, it comes as no surprise. 

However, if you're still not seeing the results you want after more than 8 months into 2022, then you should think about the strategy you're employing. Is it reaching the right people? Is the content to the liking of your audience? And most important of all is, is it current?

 To help liven things up for you, we'll be listing down a few tricks and tips you can incorporate into your Twitter marketing strategy. These tips are from top social media management agencies in the Philippines, so you can't go wrong with them!

Pick up your pens and start taking notes! 

1. Keep things simple.

All of us are witness to how chaotic the digital world can be, especially when you come across social media—and the many forms there are. That said, you should always try to stay away from or add to the confusion, particularly when it comes to your business' Twitter Profile—its handle, header, and profile picture. 

We recommend keeping things simple and uncluttered. Don't add anything unnecessary to your business' name on Twitter and stick to a handle that's as close as possible to your brand's name. The same should be done with your header, use an image that's not overpowering but will be memorable. 

Meanwhile, for your profile picture, it's best to use your logo to help people familiarize themselves with your brand. Doing this will help people attach a face to your name, after all.  

2. Show your personality.

On Twitter, one of the things that you should not be caught doing is being bland. This is especially true if you are doing marketing on the platform. Since we can't physically interact with consumers online, your writing or messaging should reflect your personality at all times. 

Of course, besides tweets, this will include your Twitter Bio. Your bio will appear just below your profile picture and will be 160 characters long. Create something that accurately describes the company that you run while injecting wit and personality. 

No one gets the right mix on their first try so make sure to refresh and try out different bios!

3. Know when to post.

To get the most out of your Twitter content, you need to determine when the most beneficial time to post. What we mean is that you should find out when your target audience or community is most active during the day. 

Knowing when your audience is present on Twitter will help your posts get more engagement and interaction. This will also significantly improve your clicks and the number of your impressions.

4. Be wise with your hashtags.

Before, people treat hashtags as nothing more than decorations to give style to their Tweets. But now, its function has significantly been broadened. It's now being used by marketers to boost their Tweets' engagement. Studies have found that Tweets containing a hashtag receive 2x more interaction from users compared to those that choose to go sans. 

Apart from that, hashtags also act as keywords that redirect users to your business' Twitter Page, specifically if it's relevant to their search. 

5. Diversify your content.

If there's one thing that you should be doing for your Twitter marketing strategy, it's changing the way you publish content. Instead of using only one medium, make use of every media form available on the platform.

While Twitter is associated with words and Tweets, it's not necessarily the best way to market your brand—its products or services to users. Just like with traditional marketing strategies, you need visual elements to persuade and convince consumers to buy or avail of what you have to offer. 

Twitter's platform supports a lot of media types that you can take advantage of to present your content—video, gifs, infographics, images, and even its' own form of reels. 

6. Partner with Influencers.

As we all know, social media works through influence. On Twitter, the more people that follow you, the more engagement and reach you have. It's also the number of followers you have that determines the result of your marketing campaigns or promotional activities that you undertake through Twitter.

But what will you do if you don't have that reach? You partner with individuals who have the digits—influencers! Through them, you can reach more people easily and make your campaigns more persuasive since they have a close relationship with their followers.

However, you should not just partner with just any influencer for your campaigns. You need to find one that's in the same field. If you're in the skincare business, find someone who's knowledgeable and has established themself as a trustworthy entity in the field. 

Get Right to It!

With only a few months left to 2022, don't let your marketing strategy on Twitter continue to go further downhill! Liven it up by incorporating the tips we've provided above. 

Get right to it and get the results that you want!

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