Dokyu Power to Screen A Documentary That Reminds us of our own Struggles in Health Care

In Romania, a night-club fire  killed 64 people and exposed a rot in the country’s healthcare system. This emboldened people to talk about its revealed cracks.

Ths the subject of Alexander Nanau’s film entitled “Collective” which is screening for free from April 1 to 3 via Cinema Centenario’s Moov, as part of Dokyu Power Film Festival. Dokyu Power started last February 25 and will culminate on April 9, 2022.

The film begins by showing actual footage taken by a witness of the 2016 fire at a rock club in Bucharest named Colectiv.  It exposes the faulty construction of the nightclub from the building materials used and the unsuitable fire or emergency exits. Some 400 people were inside the club and a total of 24 people died  immediately from the fire.

Many other people died months later at local hospitals while many suffered  non-life threatening burns. 

Câtâlin Tolontan, a reporter at Gazeta Sporturilor, a  paper in Romania, investigated this unfortunate incident and exposed Romania’s pharmaceutical and government corruption, which were related to the cause of death of the fire victims brought to the hospital. 

Collective was nominated for both the Academy Awards and BAFTA, on top of the over 40 accolades it garnered.

Collective may be accessed at

Dokyu Power is organized together with Dakila and its Active Vista Center. It is supported by Cinema Centenario, Purin Film Fund, Rappler’s Move.Ph, QCinema International Film Festival and Inter-Guild Alliance.

Dokyu Power organizers aim to inspire Filipinos to claim their voices and vote in the Philippine national elections in May 2022 by presenting stories that have parallels in  history and which show people's struggles towards empowerment. 

The documentaries in its roster captured critical times in history and also helped shape history. The films highlight characters who have fought corrupt institutions,broken stereotypes, and captured the attention of the world.

Aside from Collective, the festival will also screen Manila Lockdown: One of the Longest COVID Lockdowns in the World by Ditsi Carolino.

For festival updates, viewers may log on to Daang Dokyu’s Facebook page, 

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