Juan Big Idea: “The Great Reset of Innovative Trends in the New Millennium”

The Juan Big Idea (JBI) was known as one of the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) events. It is also known as an event with a regional 5-leg installments from North Luzon down to Mindanao during the pre-pandemic period. Due to the adversity we faced last year, the National Federation launched its revamped version entitled JUAN BIG IDEA NATIONWIDE, having only one event catering to the junior marketers and business students in the Philippines.

This year, as the 35th National Federation aims to amplify innovative abilities to every junior marketer and business student across the nation, the launch of the second installation of Juan Big Idea Nationwide will prevail with the title “The Great Reset of Innovative Trends in the New Millennium” on February 27, 2022 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM to be live streamed on a Private Facebook Group.

This event will tackle the previous and ongoing shift of innovations in the marketing landscape throughout the generations. Marketers and business students will be immersed with stories on how marketing advanced and how today's marketing strategies came to be. They will get to learn from various business fields and industries where they can take as an inspiration and lesson as they step into the corporate world.

With that, the National Federation invited renowned speakers from successful business industries that will discuss relevant topics starting from Sales, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Trends, Digital Marketing, and Building Self-Confidence. Moreover, marketers and business students will get to enjoy awesome activities that will represent their organization and university. The event will also a fun and amazing games starting from the first pre-event game entitled #LocalJUANderer (an activity where participants will share their best-picked travel photos of themselves), and the second pre-event game entitled JUAN Patalastas (a competition where participants will share a 30-seconds commercial video of the event’s sponsored product/s). These games bring not just joy but amazing prizes from the event’s sponsors.

JL Santiago Aquino

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