5 ways to better protect the family in this Omicron surge

And yet, it’s like the same thing all over again but with different quirks. Upon us is a new wave of COVID-19 cases and this specific Omicron variant is even more contagious. The headlines and posts show how dire the situation is. How can we shield our family members and loved ones from this burgeoning threat that has already breached our inner circles? 

We share with you these 5 suggestions on how to do just that.

1. Take extra precaution when outdoors. 

Sometimes, the obvious needs to be re-stated. Although staying indoors is ideal in this situation, there are some instances when it’s just not possible. A family member may be  required to show up in the office or someone has to do the groceries. Even picking up an online order can pose enough risk. In this situation, going the extra mile on protection pays off. Ensure that masks are effective and are from trustworthy suppliers. Continue to avoid touching public surfaces and always carry a disinfectant with you.

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2. Disinfect surfaces.

It’s already been proven that COVID-19 can linger on surfaces from a few hours to up to several days. With this in mind, one begins to think which surfaces to disinfect? It’s good to focus on the high-touch surfaces that are most likely to be the cause of trouble. This includes doorknobs, tables, handles, light switches, and countertops. Workplaces or other frequented areas such as  vehicles must also be included in the equation. 

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3. Keep the air clean.

There’s a reason why closed places pose a serious threat to the spread of the virus. These indoor spaces with no proper air ventilation make it easy for the virus to spread.  While masks help, it is good to pinpoint possible sources and treat the air. Spaces that can use this kind of air treatment are homes, offices, and other frequented enclosed spaces.

For clean and worry-free air, Mondial Direct has two types of products. The NVC Cleanaire Portable Air Sterilizer at P5,800.00 kills 99.9% of viruses with its dual-sterilization technology. It also has Levoit 300C at P8,400.00 and its Levoit 400S at P17,800 as its highest-grade Air Purifiers. Ideal for up to 40 square meters and 92 square meters of space, these have the patented VortexAir Technology that spreads fresh air to every corner of your room, while its effective 3-stage filtration system captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size.

4. Get creative.

Every family situation is unique. A mix of strategies can work in the family’s favor. Different families have adapted to different styles. Some have opted for online grocery shopping and simplified meals to make grocery stock last longer. Some have also fixed up a special quarantine room in their houses when the time comes that someone is identified with risk or has tested positive.

A wise purchase for the household or office is Mondial’s NVC Germicidal Lamp  at P4,900.00. As the safest UV Lamp in the market, this futuristic looking lamp will protect the family from the threat of viruses and bacteria.

5. Be consistent 

Be alert at any given time. Whatever strategy is adopted, follow through. Lessening the chances of acquiring COVID-19 is a matter of commitment. As long as the threat is present, be on highest guard to ensure the safety of loved ones. 

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