Up Close and Personal: The Ricky Lee Masterclass is Now Open in Philippines’ First E-Learning Platform

It is needless to say that Ricky Lee is a titan in the Philippine film industry. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he is the industry. He took the world by storm in the late ‘70s with his screenplays for Jaguar (1979). By the time Himala (1982) graced our movie screens, Ricky Lee had defined the golden age of Philippine cinema. He has also authored Trip to Quiapo (1998), the country’s definitive screenwriting textbooks.

With over five decades of experience, 180 scripts, and 70 awards under his belt, Ricky Lee has time and again proven his mettle with his razor-sharp instincts and innate instinct for storytelling. Beyond the glitz and glamor of movie magic, he deeply knows the desire to connect with others. As a young boy, he would read book after book, yearning to understand the world and to be understood in return. This drives his writing to this very day—this intimate knowledge of how stories can move people.

Since 1982, he has been imparting his knowledge through his screenwriting workshops; most of them held in the comfort of his home. With his undaunted take on the world, Ricky Lee is never afraid to push the envelope. These out of the box workshops are unique and consist of engaging lectures and exercises. Graduates of his prestigious workshops have since gone on to become lauded filmmakers, screenwriters, authors, and marketing executives.

This time, he’ll be bringing us something different. See Ricky Lee like never before in his first ever premium masterclass Secrets to Storytelling. In this course, the legendary screenwriter will take you through the different elements that make stories special and unforgettable.

The course will cover both classic and innovative approaches to storytelling, stripping down story-building from the ground up, and highlighting vital communication skills. Storytelling is universal—knowing how to sell a story is always an asset. So whether you’re a lawyer, teacher, or doctor, this is for you. This is your time to build your own narrative.

For just PHP 999, you will get a webinar lecture:
  • Live 3-hour Zoom session
  • Q&A session
  • Unlimited access to the video recording
  • Certificates of attendance
  • Reading materials and exercises for the course.

This masterclass will be launched in collaboration with Esme.ph, the first Filipino e-learning platform, on November 15, at 3 pm.

Don’t miss the chance to uncover the secrets of storytelling with visionary screenwriter Ricky Lee, limited slots only! To know more about this exclusive opportunity, click https://www.esme.ph/courses/the-secret-to-storytelling-with-ricky-lee 

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes the world as we know it, so must we change with it. No longer is learning confined to the four walls of the classroom; it is reimagined and redefined in digital spaces that offer accessibility and innovation. This opens many opportunities for people to enhance their skill sets and bounce back stronger than ever.

At first glance, ESME may seem similar to the likes of international platforms Skillshare, Domestika, and the Masterclass. However, the company aims for something much closer to home: utilizing the distinct Filipino idea of community to share, synthesize, and optimize skills. As Filipinos everywhere are reeling from the changes brought by the pandemic, ESME is an avenue to improve your skills and indulge your interests amid a socially-distanced world.

For founders Jesica Navarette and Cher Tanchico, witnessing how the Philippine workplace adjusted to the pandemic led to the conception of the first digital e-learning marketplace in the Philippines. “With many of us now working from home or pivoting their source of income, we are finding new ways to support each other with digital tools and innovative technologies,” says Jesica, CEO, and founder.

Tapping local experts and trailblazers, ESME releases free weekly webinars on a diverse range of topics for the Filipino audience from urban agriculture with Robi del Rosario to Shoppertainment with Hiyasmin Neri-Soyao to comedy with Tim Tayag. No matter where you are or who you are, ESME is an inclusive learning space that can equip you for the post-pandemic future through comprehensive content on business, finance, and investment. Subscribers will have the chance to learn valuable and in-demand skills from visionaries in various industries from the comfort of their home.

Partnerships are also crucial to the ESME founders, as they believe that a collaborative learning experience benefits everyone. They have forged linkages with the ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO), Rotary Club, Rotaract, Start-Up Village, and many more. “True to our mission in ESME, our partnerships build trust and community growth. Our advocacy is to empower the Filipinos wherever they may be.” shares Cher, who is the company’s CMO.

But the ESME learning experience does not end there. Not only are there weekly live webinars, but there are also detailed courses that you can go through at your own pace. Subscribers also have access to unlimited content and comprehensive courses that cater to various interests. With ESME, education and innovation is at your fingertips.

For ESME, the Ricky Lee masterclass is only the beginning. Watch out for more premium content in collaboration with Daiana Meneses, Trainstation, Robert Borjal, Sarah Fernandez, and many more. With ESME, no Filipino will be left behind when education and improvement is only a few clicks away. Start learning and develop a new skill at esme.ph

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