HAYEJIN GLOBAL: Bringing the Best of K-Beauty to the Philippines 🇰🇷

Popular and effective K-Beauty brands is now within your reach thanks to HAYEJIN GLOBAL for bringing these popular South Korean skin care brands here in the Philippines!

All of their products are FDA Approved, Cruelty-Free and Dermatologically-tested that's safe for all skin types.

HAYEJIN GLOBAL brings anti-aging skin care product brand RECELLME, NOTS, NEULII and other fave Korean brand to the Philippine market. South Korean beauty products is really a big hit among Filipinos maybe because Pinoys has colonial mentality that if your skin is fair or whiter you are beautiful and much preferred.

HAYEJIN is actually Korean expression meaning “a heart as deep and beautiful as the sky.” This is a brand that infuses the essence of nature into the skin with nature-derived botanical ingredients containing the pure, natural energy of the skies while creating an optimal skin balance through the harmony with nature’s energy.

Hayejin cosmetics are filled with nature. Nature boasts of a vitality that thrives in any environment with an awe-inspiring essence that establishes a sense of natural order. Beautiful, balanced skin. As the harmony and balance of the land, sun, water and wind cultivates the flower’s growth and beauty, so does Hayejin. Hayejin cosmetics are suited for all skin types to rejuvenate your skin’s beauty.


A professional anti-aging skin care product brand that protects your skin from the harmful environment filled with fine dusts, UV rays, and stress. It resolves all skin problems that women of all ages face and is created to restore the beauty that you have in your young and lively 20s.

The clean raw material extracted from nature is the vital power that regenerates each and every cell, bringing mazing changes to your skin.

The company’s goal is to deliver the benefits of nature to the skin by minimizing the usage of harmful chemicals and only using carefully selected ingredients.

To do this, high-functional raw materials derived from nature are contained in one bottle using the best technology and chemical components are excluded as much as possible.

Based on the freshest natural ingredients, Recellme Acne Skin C are line has a light texture, luxurious scent (teatree 25000ppm) that gently and naturally brightens the skin.


Neulii is a honest cosmetics brand that embrace and deliver true, natural and honest products and results.

This brand values portion of its profit with its communities thru Corporate Social Responsibility.


Only a mother will understand a mother's heart. Nots is a Korean cosmetic company striving to show our customers the immense effort we have continually put in our products. We promise our customers that our products are created with natural ingredients. Our focus and dedication to using and inventing effective products has led us to be recognized in local department stores as well as the international market. We guarantee and promise you that our products will continue to be created through all excellent quality ingredients

Park Nam-mi was an ordinary mom with two children. Her son was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. This was devastating and it broke her heart to see her son suffering from pain. With her loving mind, she researched and put together a team of dermatologists, chemical engineers, and researchers to make the safest cosmetics for her son. And it was her dedication and love that brought the birth of NoTS cosmetics.

Follow HAYEJIN GLOBAL on https://instagram.com/hayejin.global, Their products are now available via LAZADA.

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