Learn the Basics of Motorsports at SUPER SPRINT 2019 — ACIENDA Cavite

Do you want to start sport driving? This is where to start! SUPER SPRINT is a style of automobile racing that is held on a closed track, with various obstacles. A perfect introduction to motorsports for beginners yet still challenging for intermediate drivers. Drivers race against the clock and each other in various classes from stock production to modified production cars.

Their goal of Super Sprint is to provide a venue to introduce, hone and improve driving skills in a safe and controlled environment for drivers that want to begin their motorsports journey. The objective is to provide a pressure-free, accessible venue for aspiring racers to test the waters and eventually move on and compete in other series such as Philippine Autocross Championship Series, Slalom, FlatOut Race Series and the like. 

Modifications are not required, and the vehicles must pass safety inspections and scrutiny. Aside from specified safety equipment and procedures, common-sense safety measures must be followed at all times. It is the participant’s responsibility to read and observe the rules. is to introduce and make motorsport accessible to people who have little to no previous experience and help build your confidence and skill to graduate and compete in PACS, Slalom and Circuit racing. Driver’s briefing will start 9AM. Each class is PhP 800.

The Super Sprint organizing team is comprised of racers and organizers alike, with team members participating in multiple disciplines of racing (autocross, slalom, circuit). They are also founders of one of the biggest car clubs in the Philippines, Grupo Toyota. Under the team members' belts are numerous clinics, races, meets, and other car related events over the past 15 years, and the recently concluded Toyota Manila Bay MetLive Toyota CarFest.

So if you’ve always been interested in motorsports, Super Sprint is a perfect venue to get you started. And while the main event is a race, everyone in encouraged to come and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere. The venue is ideal for families, as there is something for everyone!

The inaugural round will be held on August 4 at Acienda Designer Outlet in Silang, Cavite. More details on their official Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/supersprintph/

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