GoPro shares tips on how to make your shots extraordinary

Before you start shooting, think about the story you want to tell. How will you show your audience where you’re at, what you’re getting up to, and how the adventure ends? This saves editing time and helps you craft a more powerful story.

GoPro, the leading action camera brand, shares some tips on how to make your content more exciting and interesting in achieving #FeedGoals.


Let your friends know where you are—a wide static shot or location sign always works well. Show yourself gearing up, or take a time lapse of the backdrop to build excitement and set the scene.


Who are the HEROES of your story, and what are they setting out to do? Capture moments that reveal personalities and allude to the adventure.


Experiment with different mounts and perspectives to tell your story. Be sure to mix in body- or gear-mounted POV footage along with more traditional shots.


If you just did something epic, show off those celebratory hugs and Hi5s. Or maybe things didn’t go so well – how would the crew react? Let the cameras roll as you pack it up and head back home as you post your captured moments on social media.

Don’t forget to share your fun stories using the #GoProPH hashtag. For more information about GoPro, visit

Don’t forget to share your fun stories through the #GoProPH hashtag. For more information about GoPro HERO 6, and accessories, please visit

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