Technological evolution presenting mind-blowing sensory experience

The typical game consoles have eventually transformed into gaming sensors and peripherals that can be seen everywhere today. All this evolution from simple game consoles to the most intricate ones is actually due to the result of technological evolution. Certain handheld peripherals like play Station move have evolved into ultimate products. In addition to heat and depth, the Xbox One’s Kinetic can now detect color! That has all been made possible due to tremendous advancement in the spheres of science and technology. Leap motion sensor, a recent invention can track even the most complex finger movements. 

The latest mobile phones with gyroscopes are capable of recording physical activity now. The video game developers believe that swift developments in technology can make other major breakthroughs that can stun our senses. Also in addition to improving on what we have at the moment, rapid technological changes can breed other sophisticated devices.

“There is a wide range of possibilities, with technology on the go, we can expect almost anything” said Peter Parker from Game Period. “We have always dreams of being able to control things with our minds and that’s now much of a possibility. There are certain limited commands that offer very accurate results” Andrew Simmons.

There are certain headsets available in the markets that are so technologically refined to detect if the players are agitated, relaxed or frustrated even engaged at times. Additionally they can also distinguish between smiles, frowns and eyebrow raises. Many game makers are making use of this latest technology and allowing the players to throw stones using their mental strength. But that’s not just it. Some of the game designers have gone so far as to say that they have bigger ideas for ways the technology can transform games. For instance, what if your real facial expressions are translated into your avatar’s face and what if the games were capable of recognizing the player’s facial expression and then responded accordingly? This and much more will be witnessed by all of us in the upcoming years!

Some game developers also see the role of sensations in adjusting the level of game difficulty. For instance, the game can precisely identify that whether the player is excited, angry or agitated and then adjust the level of difficulty accordingly.

Moreover, they advise people to think in terms of dimensionality. What if the technology can track various hand angles and dimensions instead of just tracking that whether the hands are moving up, down, left ,right forward or backward. It’s all going to be totally different from what we have been experiencing in the past!

To sum it up, it can be said that in the techy world, there is no way back. There is only one way to take: and that is forward. We don’t know what the future of gaming holds but we can say this with certainty that the videogame technology has progressed, and is progressing by leaps and bounds! 

This post is written by Gabriel Price, he works at Coupon Goo.

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