City of San Jose del Monte Marked its First Earth Hour

As the World Wide Fund or WWF’s Earth Hour rolled across the globe, San Joseños come together to participate and take an action in changing climate change for the first time at SM City San Jose del Monte last Saturday, March 25.

This is the first time for both SM City San Jose del Monte and the Local Government Unit to celebrate Earth Hour, which highlights the different LED performances from different groups of dancers in the city.

Mall goers from different groups and age brackets and even mall tenants and employees participated the Earth Hour at the lagoon area of the mall to shine a light on climate action.

Arch. Erlinda Estrella, SM City San Jose del Monte Mall Manager said that the impact of climate change are felt more and more every day and we are now facing a climate crossroads.

“Let the Earth Hour reminds us that our action today have the power to transform what the world will look like for generations to come. Shine a light on climate action, a light of hope, a light of unity, a light for a sustainable future,” Arch Estrella quoted.

Meanwhile, SJDM City Councilor Noli Conception who is assigned for environmental protection in the city said that the preparations we are doing today are not only for our future but for the future of our family and for the next generations.

“Through our little actions, we are not just showing our love for the mother nature and for our country but also our love for the generations to come,” the councilor added.

Furthermore, Mary Joy Ballego, Public Relations Officer of SM City San Jose del Monte said that it is more than just an hour, it is a movement to change climate change, and protecting our planet Earth starts with individuals like us.

“As citizens of this beautiful world, it is our individual and collective responsibility to protect our planet. Earth Hour campaign supporters have helped make good things happen, and we can make even more. Together, we can make a real positive impact on our planet,” Ballego said.

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