Filipino Digital Artists: Can They Flourish?

 Digital comics rendered by Kristine Manalo; Animated character designed by Cris Coral and Character Illustration by Amelia Ricoblanca — Digital artists and graduates of First Academy of Computer Arts

Since time immemorial, Filipino artists are known for their world-class artistry. From the Pintados to Juan Luna; from Hidalgo to Francisco Coching; to mention a few, these artists have carved out a name for themselves, in the midst of stiff European competition. During the time of Marvel and DC comics, Filipino digital artists have carved out their own niche in the top echelons of creativity, from Floro Dery, the character designer of The Transformers, to Tony de Zuniga, the creator of Jonah Hex. Hollywood directors are all praises for Filipino animators. In the recent animated film Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Filipino animator Reuben Aquino was lauded by his director Rob Minkoff for his amazing work. These recognitions are testaments to the excellence and competitiveness of Filipino artistry and the opportunities that await our fellow Filipino artists in the global arena.

Digital arts permeate our current environment be it for entertainment, education or business.

This technology brought with it fast-paced development in virtually all fields – from receiving breaking news to your mobile phones, hot-off the press books from your favorite authors, this-just-in tweets and statuses, and more. Companies big and small are in constant contest for attention, and are continuously finding ways to present themselves in the most creative way. Just look at everything around you as you drive through the thoroughfares, all the messages vying for your short attention span are products of digital arts.

Company size does not seem to matter anymore, the faster the company adopts technology, the further it leaves the slow ones behind. Digital artists – the master visual storyteller of products and services – are now indispensable if any organization is to take advantage of the avalanche of opportunities brought about by technology.

In this age when almost all companies and campaigns have virtual presence, companies are looking for people who can effectively tell their stories to the new media. This creates a significant demand for digital artists here and all over the world!

Here in the Philippines, the First Academy of Computer Arts has helped thousands of artists find their true calling – becoming digital artists. The Academy that pioneered digital arts education in the country, has recently upgraded its curriculum into a leaner and meaner training system. Their 13 years of experience in the field has allowed them to virtually re-engineer the method of teaching digital arts.

This 2014, First Academy offers an opportunity for aspiring artists to fulfill their dreams of being a full-fledged digital artists. One can now learn the basics of digital arts, visual graphic design, page design and layout, 3D animation, multimedia and web design, and even digital film making without sweating out hefty sums of money and investing years in school.

The programs are created for people who want to combine art, technology, and fun. Each course are taught by professional digital artists through practical, hands-on and skills-based training.

First Academy goes beyond educating its students – it propels them to finding employment after finishing their courses. From helping a student create his own portfolio to providing job referrals. Internships and project-based programs are also available to students to help jumpstart a budding digital artist’s career.

The future of digital technology is both exciting and full of possibilities.

If you want to learn more about digital arts and its opportunities, visit or call 898.2724 up to 26.

About First Academy of Computer Arts:

Back in 2001, when web and graphic design, animation and multimedia communication were still growing slowly into the massive industry that it is today, a group of artists, educators and entrepreneurs with wild imaginations collaborated to create a school. The idea was that the school must inspire art-loving individuals to follow their passion, and be successful in doing it.

Today, First Academy of Computer Arts has become one of the country’s leading providers of digital design technology courses. With its continuing dedication to curriculum development, it is fast becoming a preeminent gateway for careers in advertising, animation design, multimedia communication and web development. 

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