Getting Married & Being a Zombie: Keeping it Together in “A LITTLE BIT OF ZOMBIE”

With a string of acclaims from various festivals, “A Little Bit of Zombie” recently won in the Canadian Film Festival as “Best Feature Film” and bagged Honolulu’s International Film Festival Gold Kahuna Award Won along with Golden Ace Award – Las Vegas Int’l Film Festival’s Golden Ace Award, Louisville Fright Night Film Festival, Mexico Int’l Film Festival’s Golden Palm Award, Houston International Film Festival’s Gold Remi Award, Fright Night Film Festival Kentucky as Best Feature-Film, Best Comedy Film and Best Zombie Film.

“A Little Bit of Zombie” follows the adventures of Steve, a mild-mannered HR manager (Kristopher Turner) who becomes infected with a virus during a weekend get-away with his sister, Sarah (Kristen Hager) his best friend, Craig (Shawn Roberts), and his fiancé, Tina (Crystal Lowe). While he attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains he must elude Max (Stephen McHattie), the obsessed zombie hunter hot on his trail, and avoid the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be. He tries to keep it together but his fiancée will do anything to make sure the wedding takes place, even when her husband-to-be is a little bit zombie.

After being bitten by a mosquito in a secluded forest, where they will spend the weekend planning their wedding, Steve that night has a “brainy” nightmare, where he ends up sucking his sister’s brains out of her head with a straw. The next morning, Steve begins to experience the symptoms of being semi-undead. He goes for a run, but can’t find his pulse. His senses are heightened. He can’t stomach normal food. He wants brains. Steve tries to keep this from Tina, Craig and Sarah, as he scurries about chasing woodland creatures for their brains.

After Steve returns from his unsuccessful hunt, he devours the head of Tina’s beloved pet rabbit, Muffins, satiating his hunger for brains momentarily. Just then, Tina and the others come home, to find Muffin’s dangling out of Steve’s mouth. After meeting a fellow “brain connoisseur” in butcher Captain Cletus, Steve feels better. The group comes to term with his affliction, and Steve starts to enjoy the benefits of being a zombie on vacation. He soon discovers that animal brains are like junk food to zombies, and gets violently ill. Only real human brains will suffice. Tina makes a plan to get Steve some real brains by finding the jerkiest guy in town for him to eat.

Follow Steve’s adventures on getting married and going beyond the undead when “A Little Bit of Zombie” opens February 26 from CrystalSky Multimedia.

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