Why Do We Need An Anti-Virus Software?

 The World Wide Web has facilitated easy to access information, right from your home! In just a few clicks you can know the answer to the things that bugging you. The students nowadays turn into the internet also known as the information super highway to easily finish their homework. In short, internet made our lives easier!

Though there are many advantages of the advent of the internet, there are disadvantages too. Little do we know that, there are websites that silently put viruses and bad software on our computers. There are sites that offer free wallpapers and screensavers but sometimes, they are included with some free virus too. Yikes! These viruses and other malwares made by hackers will access your important data or do damage to your computer later on. What worse is when your computer got infected with 'worms' it will also spread the malware once you're online again via e-mail.

There's a saying that goes like this, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This applies to the concept of antivirus and other security software. It’s better to prevent an infection than to have to go through a whole process just to eradicate it. Its best to have at least an antivirus program on every PC or laptop you use and make sure it’s frequently updating itself. It will give you one less thing to worry about in this age of high speed internet.

 One of the most popular anti-virus software is Norton 360™ available at the Norton Store. It offers key technologies such as: 5 patented layers of protection, Live 24x7 threat monitoring, Advanced online identity theft protection, Automatic backups and tune-ups, 2 GB of secured online storage.

It also has: Parental Controls Management, Facebook protection, Phishing protection, Browser protection, Smart two-way firewall, Antivirus, Anti-spyware, Anti-spam, Network mapping and monitoring, Worm and root kit protection.

Anti-virus software is used to identify and remove viruses before they even infect your PC. They act as a firewall, diagnostic tool, and will remove suspicious software upon your request. These kind of software needs to be updated regularly to remain effective. It ensures that important documents saved on your computer are not lost, destroyed, or damaged due to an infected system.

By installing the most effective antivirus software programs on your PC, security will increase and you'll have peace of mind as a luxury.

photo from unyouth.org.nz & norton.com


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