Hi Nanay! I Miss You.

My earliest memory with my Lola is when she used to give me samplers of the food that she sells everyday: pansit, champorado, sopas etc. They believe that when you want to sell everything, especially food, let a  makataw try it first. I don't know but it did wonder. Most often than not everything was sold out! Haha! but I didn't know that they treat me as matakaw back then. :)

Nanay, as we fondly called her is the one who spoils me. She never scolded me or hurt me physically even though I'm naughty sometimes. She's the one who supported  me at times when my parents & I had misunderstanding. I remembered back then, that when I ran away from home, Nanay is the one who supported me and depended me all the way. That's why I love her.

When my Lola found out that I attend several blogging events that are accompanied with celebrities, she would always ask if I was able to meet Willie Revillame (of Wowowee fame.) She would always giddily ask me if I could take her to watch his show on TV5. I don't know what Willie has that he was able to capture the heart of the masses, especially the grandmas. When Wiltime Bigtime is on, she would get up on her feet and will mimic the dance moves she sees on TV!

Fast forward to April of 2012, it was my mom's birthday and my lola is present of course. As usual Nanay is the life of the party. She would dance like there's no tomorrow! What we liked about her is she has dance moves that only she could do. ;-P Nanay mentioned again when are we going to watch Wiltime Bigtime live. I said soon because I already knew someone who could sneak us in, on her fave TV show. She even invited me us come to Shelterville to celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day. I didn't promise to come, but she insisted. Little did I know that this is the last time I can see her smiling.

A got a text one morning, and it was from my mom. "Wala na si Nanay." That moment I freeze, I don't know why my next move is to get my DSLR and view all the pictures of Nanay there. I didn't go to Shelterville on Mother's Day and it was one of the things I regret. I heard they had a great party and Nanay dance happily again. I regret the chance to see her last dance and her loud laugh. I will missed it forever.

Nay, miss ko na ang luto mo. :(


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