When The Supreme Court's Flip-Flopping Prevent The People from Knowing the Truth

Heard the news in Rappler website about the Supreme Court and its reversal on its earlier decision on allowing live media coverage of the Ampatuan massacre trial, citing breach of rights of the accused. The Supreme Court decision, dated October 23, 2012 and released Monday, November 12, was due to a motion for reconsideration filed by Andal Ampatuan Jr., one of the main suspects in the case that involved the gruesome killing in Mindanao.

We all know that the Maguindanao Massacre is a a very big case and SC had to change decision in just a short time? We don't need a fickle-minded Supreme Court especially for a big case like this. Is it also possible they just change their decision on previously closed cases? Flip-flopping in the highest court is not impossible and its already happening. This facts are saddening!

"I hope that they can revisit their decision—even their decision not to cover it live, I don’t know what prompted them to revisit or to change their minds on the live coverage of Maguindanao massacre. But that is the litmus test of the judiciary and it is important for us—both the public and media—to be able to know what’s going on in the Maguindanao massacre trial," said Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda.

The television broadcast of the trial will be beneficial for all the audience to know what really transpire on that day, in short to know the truth. The trial will also let us familiarize to legal terminologies that might help us in the future. I hope our Supreme Court will be careful in their decision next time, I hope they really mean when they say their decision is "final and executory."


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