How Supreme Court Flip-Flopping on Cityhood Cases Affects The People

In an article on GMA News Online entitled, "SC stands by its 'flip-flop' ruling on Dinagat Islands" the story tackled about the support of The Supreme Court on the legality of Republic Act No. 9355, a law that declared the Dinagat Islands in northeastern Mindanao as a separate province from Surigao del Norte.

In an en banc resolution last September 11, Supreme Court denied a motion for reconsideration filed May 2011 by petitioners former Surigao del Norte politicians Rodolfo Navarro, Victor Bernal & Rene Medina seeking to reinstate a February 2010 ruling declaring Republic Art 9355 as unconstitutional but the February 2010 decision was overturned on April 2011 when the majority took back their earlier ruling and decided to uphold the legality of Dinagat Islands provincehood.

Though we might not give utmost importance to this matter because we might think this will not directly affect us but, think twice. What if Supreme Court also flip-flop on its other decision? So this means that there are no "final & executory" on our Supreme Court, the highest court in the land? This  flip-flopping at SC and other recent "overturn" is really alarming especially now that Filipinos are slowly putting their trust on the government again. A stable judicial system is the cornerstone of a healthy economic and business environment.

This is quite a headache for us Filipinos especially for the fact that recently a Chief Justice (Renato Corona) was involve in a big legal mess.Still, I'm hoping for a better judicial system here in the Philippines.


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