"Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special" Tonight!

"Bubble Gang," the longest-running comedy/gag show on Philippine TV will air a blockbuster episode tonight in celebration of its 17th anniversary -- “Dis Is Siete.”

Five short comedy films, directed by five renowned filmmakers will be shown back-to-back tonight.

"Sampal," written by Chito Francisco and directed by Soxie Topacio stars Diego Llorico as Janessa, the lead, with Antonio Aquitania, Maureene Larrazabal, Moymoy, Jackie Rice, Ellen Adarna and special guests Odette Khan, Roldan Aquino and Victor Aliwalas. "Sampal" tells the story of Janessa, who since childhood had been receiving harsh treatment from his family in the form of slaps (sampal). One day, she meets a rich man (Victor Aliwalas) who then falls in love with her and makes her his wife. Unfortunately, death will keep the newly-wed couple apart too soon when the husband dies. But his demise was actually a blessing in disguise for Janessa as she is left with so much wealth. Now that she's rich and powerful, she could easily get back at her cruel family. But instead of taking revenge, she does something unexpected which turns out to be hilarious.

"Deadspot," written by Henry Maceda and directed by Topel Lee (Amorosa), stars Michael V. and Gwen Zamora. Michael V. and Gwen play the role of a couple who enjoys going to dark places to make out. One night, they sense a presence enveloping them and following them wherever they go. At first they just play it off as a simple nightmare until finally, they discover that the joke was on them.

"Tres Y Locos," written by Roel Raval and directed by Bubble Gang director Uro dela Cruz, stars Ogie Alcasid, Antonio Aquitania, Betong Sumaya and Rufa Mae Quinto. Tres Y Locos is a semi-musical featuring a famous singing trio from the North. They get inspiration for their every performance from the famous Ilocano delicacy called "tupig." They have become so dependent on tupig that they could not deliver a wonderful performance without it.

"Kabiyak," written by Caesar Cosme and directed by Marlon Rivera (Babae sa Septic Tank), stars Michael V., Maureen Larrazabal and Jackie Rice with the rest of the Bubble Gang cast members. "Kabiyak" is a story of two women (a legal wife and a mistress) fighting for custody over the remains of a deceased man they both loved. Eventually the management of the funeral parlor decided to give each woman a piece of their man with the upper half given to the legal wife and the lower (more "sinful") half to the mistress. Will the erring women be satisfied with their lot and finally put their lover to rest?

"Bakit Tinawag Na Neneng Baket sa Neneng B?," written by Mon Roco and directed by Dante Garcia (Ploning), stars Sam Pinto and Ogie Alcasid with the rest of the Bubble Gang Cast. It tells the background story of how "Neneng B" the character popularized by Sam Pinto in the well-loved Bubble Gang segment, "Pick-up Lines," got her name. "Bakit…" narrate events in the life of Neneng B and how she became so meticulously inquisitive that she doesn't take any statement as it is without asking why so.

"Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special" airs after Inside Protege on GMA-7.

JL Santiago Aquino

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