Entertainment at its Best with NOKIA Lumia Gear

Want to get the best musical entertainment from your mobile phone? Hype up your already amazing Nokia Lumia audio experience with hip accessories that will make your sound trips better, louder and longer!

From the combined hands-free simplicity of Nokia and advanced driver technology of Monster come the Purity Stereo HD Headset and Purity Stereo Headset that put listening to the next level.

Indulge in incredible sound with the premium Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset. Made from the finest scratch-resistant materials, these on-ear headphones are lightweight, durable and ultra-comfortable. It has a well-balanced design and soft ear pads that are ideal for long listening sessions.

The Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset also has an integrated call handing, convenient to go mobile. It has an SRP of P7,250.

Experience outstanding audio clarity with the Nokia Purity Stereo Headset which boasts of a premium design, great audio features, and hands-free convenience. It keeps background noise at bay with its isolating in-ear design, making listening more defined. Get this great-to-have gadget at P3,290. (Also comes bundled with every purchase of a Nokia Lumia 900.)

For people on-the-go, wireless music in quality stereo sound can be enjoyed on-the-go with the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset. This stylish and colorful headset is lightweight so you can conveniently bring it along with you anywhere. Easily adjust the volume with a simple twist and you control your playlist with a push on the buttons.

Delight also in its wireless and clear calls because it has earpieces that fit comfortably in your ears, blocking out background noise and delivering quality stereo sound. What’s more, this headset automatically switches from music to calls. The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset has an SRP of P1,490.

At only P5,500, you can start a club-themed celebration wherever with the dynamic stereo audio of the Nokia Play 360°. Play your music on this wireless speaker and hear 360-degree sound – from high treble to rich bass tones. Simply connect to any device wirelessly through Bluetooth or plug the cable into a 3.5 mm audio jack. For phones with Near Field Communication (NFC), just tap it on the speaker to pair instantly.

The Nokia Play 360° also boasts of a long-lasting rechargeable battery and Bluetooth stereo support so you can take this speaker anywhere you go.

Party all night long and don’t let an empty battery stop your groove because there’s the Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-16. It fits in your pocket, so you can get back-up power on your Nokia Lumia device on the move through USB charging.

Plus, other compatible devices can also get a fast full charge. Simply connect your device to start charging. A LED indicator will show you its charging status. This handy device includes a micro-USB cable and is available at P1,100.

With these great gear from Nokia, in matching Lumia colors, you can get the best out of your Nokia Lumia phones and experience amazing everyday.

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