Solenn Heussaff for VITRESS

WE PRACTICALLY SEE HER EVERYWHERE. French-Filipino model and actress Solenn Heussaff is set apart from other stars today because of her natural beauty as well as her aura that exudes class and intelligence.

Aside from being a sought-after print and commercial model, she’s also a fashion designer; a professional make-up artist; a painter, singer and actress as well. Nowadays, she’s busy promoting her music album with MCA Universal, her movie contract with Regal Entertainment and a contract with TV network GMA.

Solenn, who is now a certified television and movie star, wears a different look in all her appearances—from sweet and shy to fabulously chic. There’s one thing that’s constant to Solenn every time we see her: her flowing, darkly ravishing tresses with that intense shine. What’s Solenn’s secret to beautiful hair, anyway?

Shiny, smooth, manageable

Solenn reveals that she now uses Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat after discovering that it keeps her hair shiny, smooth and more manageable. She adds that beautiful, healthy hair that radiates that intense shine is important for someone in her profession. “What I like best about Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat is that it gives me instant, intense shine anytime, anywhere. Whenever there’s a fashion show, a pictorial, taping or a film shoot, I need to get that intense shine as fast as possible. Vitress does the job for me, instantly, in every situation,” she explains.

Perfect spokesperson

According to Joanna King, Vitress Brand Manager, Solenn Heussaff is the perfect spokesperson for Vitress because her lifestyle shows the importance of caring for one’s hair. “Solenn doesn’t even have to say a word. All that people have to see is how smooth, shiny, manageable and healthy her hair is. She simply has this gorgeous head of hair that everyone wishes they had,” says Joanna.

Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat is available in handy on-the-go bottles—so you can use it anywhere, anytime, all the time. Vitress is available in department stores, supermarkets, and drug stores nationwide. Make your hair more beautiful anywhere, anytime with Vitress—for your next level of shine.

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