RED BOX Features Sushi Samba, A Taste of Music in Delectable Rolls

The kind of fun one has come to expect when you have a group of friends, a microphone and a song list that could rival your iTunes collection knows no bounds. And as any veteran music aficionado would tell you, nothing beats a place like Red Box when the urge to belt out a ballad hits you.

Red Box is just as much about music as it is about sharing and celebrating. It’s been the venue for birthdays, reunions and even wedding proposals. We have grown to become a destination that is recognized for being a place for shared celebrations and we want to continue to be recognized that way by evolving our offerings to make it more relevant to our market,” shares Walden Chu, Managing Director of Red Box.

Their bid to elevate the music experience in a country that loves singing as much as the Philippines does is evident. The technology behind it unsurpassed, their interiors are notable and the food—the oft forgotten aspect of this favorite social pastime—is widely lauded.

“Apart from having the widest selection of songs, we are also known for our ala carte and buffet offerings. It’s rare for a music destination to put this much focus on food, but being a place for shared celebrations, it has always been an integral part of what Red Box has to offer,” he adds.

Introducing Sushi Samba

With the intent of bringing the best of what the world has to offer in terms of experience and flavor into one destination, Red Box is now adding their Sushi Samba collection to add to their list of gourmet selections.

The menu says it’s the craziest, tastiest sushi rolls in town—and indeed it is. In an era where sushi bars in cosmopolitan cities across the globe have become the dining destination du jour, Red Box now brings the same experience to the country by combining the best of Japanese cuisine with their brand of creativity, fun and youthfulness.

“Think of your basic California maki,” Chu explains. “It took the classic sushi roll and adapted it to the American palate. It’s essentially what we’re doing here. We’ve diversified the classic sushi roll in such a way that makes it bigger, younger and more fun.”

Conceptualized by a Japanese trained sushi chef, the rolls are notable for using only sushi-grade ingredients and for being able to creatively satiate the diverse palates of Red Box patrons.

“The menu is initially available in our newest branch in Eastwood, but you can certainly expect that we will be rolling it out in our Greenbelt and Cebu branches soon,” he adds. “Because when it comes to food, Red Box knows that creativity, diversity and size does matter.”

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