Mercato Centrale now Delivers via is one of the first few blogs to try out the delivery service of Mercato Centrale via CityDelivery.PH! Mercato Centrale, since its launched last year has been delighting food aficionados around the metro with more than 150 delectable food stalls selling almost all kinds of food you can imagine, whether its bibingka, kebabs, wagyu beef, healthy and organic juices, and alot more!

I've been a big fan of Mercato Centrale! Though the food there are quite pricy, you will get all your money's worth with all the food they offer. But not everyone can visit Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City, but that's not a problem now! has the answer!

Mercato Centrale Foodie Delivery!

Now, you can finally enjoy the sumptuous delicacies that can be found in Mercato Centrale at the comfort of your own home! Thanks to Foodie Delivery! Foodie Delivery has been making the delivery of unique food finds, from homebased partners possible.

Yes! They Deliver! 

Call 87878 or visit the website at! Great tasting specialties that you crave for has never been this easy to avail with just a dial or a click away! You can now try the specialties of some of the best merchants from this weekend bazaar like Bale Dutung, Manang's Chicken, Chuck's Grubberie, Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers, Homemade Ravioli, Mochiko, Merry Moo and Spring.

For Weekdays: 
Advanced ordering (2 days in advance depending on the merchant)
For Weekends: 
Real time ordering (9AM-2PM)

At first, I agreed to received my order at my place in Pasong Tamo but I had to change it because there's a sudden change in my schedule so I opt to just receive it in EDSA Shangri-la instead, and it was a breeze. The delivery boy arrived 10 minutes earlier than me, a few confirmation and I already have my order from Mochiko and a premium pint from Merry Moo. Actually I'm half expecting that they will arrive late because of the sudden change of my location but they still 'delivers.'

Merry Moo Sea Salt Caramel Flavored Ice Cream! I'm used to sweet ice creams but this one is different and exciting. Such a nice concoction of sweet caramel with a nice contrast of sea salt! No wonder that this flavor is now their bestseller.

Mochiko! Mochi is a Japan-made confection made of glutinous rice flour or mochiko. It is usually filled with a sweet center such as red bean paste and eaten as a snack. Mochiko, which has a shop in Tagaytay made modern versions of mocha with new fillings and flavors such as ice cream. I actually saw them featured on MYX a few days ago so I'm really curious on these cute snack. The one I tried is the Coffee and Mango & and the label says, "Please wait two minutes or when mochi is soft to the touch before biting into it," and I followed that :) such an exciting way to eat a snack.

They offer a variety of flavors which are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramelo, GreenTea, Black Sesame, and their bestseller, Azuki which is red bean.

CityDelivery.PH not just deliver fast but they also handled well the food, my ice cream and Pepsi is still cold, they also put a special packaging for my Mochiko snacks so I will received it, fresh.

Know more about them by visiting:

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  1. Convenience and fair price a good food delivery.

  2. Thanks for this Jayl, Do they also delivery in Cavite?

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