SkinStation Introduces Cutting Edge Skin Care

A new era in Filipino skin care unfolds with the advent of new aesthetic technologies being introduced by the founders of Godiva skin care. The best beauty products and services that were once only available to the high-end market due to their exorbitantly high prices are now affordable to the middle market at the lowest prices possible.

The husband and wife tandem of Fred and Carleen Reyes introduces some of the most revolutionary innovations in skin care with their new lineup of products and services that are exclusively available at SkinStation. The one-stop dermatology center and spa offers advanced skin care at the most affordable prices.

Recipient of the 2008 Achievement Award given by the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies, Fred C. Reyes is the Chemist behind the formulation, introduction and distribution of the active whitening ingredient Licorice to the Philippine market. He was the founder of the highly successful line of Godiva products and beauty clinics that started the buzz on Licorice whitening products in the country, years ahead of multinationals which also came out with their own whitening products using the Licorice ingredient.

“SkinStation was born as a natural progression to the retail skin care products we were providing,” explains Carleen Reyes. “The people who patronized our retail products were looking for a clinic which can provide the same ‘value for money’ proposition for skincare services, so we decided to put up SkinStation as an extension of our products and business concept as well. It was also a great way to be ‘more intimate with our clients,’ as my husband always says.”

Recently, SkinStation introduced Hyal-C serum, a breakthrough product that offers better benefits and value compared to the popular Vitamin C serum used in many skin treatment procedures. Clinically proven to boost collagen production and improve skin moisturization, hyaluronic acid works synergistically with Vitamin C to delay skin aging, lighten skin discolorations and keep acne under control.

SkinStation’s Hyal-C Facial and the relaxing Jet Spa use the clinic’s exclusive Hyal-C serum. A soothing end to these treatments is the application of Crystal Collagen Mask, another new innovation exclusively available at Skin Station. The Crystal Collagen Mask is known for its whitening, anti-aging and oil-control qualities. The crystal mask is a “must try” option in all facial procedures in SkinStation.

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