The Fashion Academy Manila

What does it take for potential to be recognized in the fickle world of fashion?

From the outside, looking in—it would seem that would one require a birthright to be part of this industry; a that’s on top of having the innate talent and eye for aesthetics.

In truth, hard work takes more merit in the quest to make it. The high-gloss aesthetic and whirlwind glamour that surrounds the industry is merely a facade to the highly technical and creative industry that requires those who are serious about it to roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches. But for the first time, Fashion Academy is taking on the task of teaching the artistry behind it, in the hopes of cultivating a new generation of industry professionals.

The Diversity of Fashion

The fashion world is a diverse industry—and The Fashion Academy intends to bring it all together under one roof to become a springboard for anyone who is passionate about modeling, design, photography and beauty. Featuring seven specialized curriculums focusing on Photography, Make-Up, Hair Creatives, Fashion, Styling, Modeling, Artists’ lab and Personality Enhancement, the academy provides a platform by which an inherent skill can be developed through practical application.

“The classes will equip students with the right tools as well as the necessary knowledge, experience and insights through mentors who are considered to be professionals in the business,” says Center Manager Cindy Arguelles - Lichauco.

More individualized learning platforms are available to help students develop their unique and personal style; while specialized classes in personality enhancement are included in the academy’s Executive Series which is a strong suit not just for fashionistas, but for any serious career professional in any industry.

Where Fashion and Art Gather

To mark this pioneering initiative, the grand opening of the Fashion Academy Manila has brought together the most prominent names in the industry to launch the artwork of multi-awarded photographer Xander Angeles, with guest creative director, Raymond Gutierrez and graphic designers Team Manila. The exhibit will be a rich showcase of photography, graphic design, light and fashion within the cutting edge facilities of the academy.

“The evening was a milestone for the Philippine fashion industry—where esteemed names and personalities joined us to celebrate the artistry behind fashion. We hope this serves as inspiration and encouragement for those wanting to enter the world of fashion to come and give it a try. It may just be the best decision of their lives” ends The Fashion Academy’s Creative Director Xander Angeles.

The Fashion Academy Manila
T: (02) 909-7400
M: (0917) 50-35483
3/F A.Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, Makati City.

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