Lopez Group Foundation Continues To Support Asian Institute of Management

Just recently, Oscar M. Lopez (Chairman of Lopez Group Foundation Inc) signed the P25-million donation that will enable the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) to renovate its campus in Makati. This donation supplements the initial donation that the Lopez Family gave back in 1968 through the Eugenio Lopez Foundation Inc. This paved the way for the construction of the AIM main building and it's dormitory. Lopez made its first donation to Asian Institute of Management in 1968, and at that time, it was the single biggest donation made by a private business to an educational institution. This donation is instrumental in the establishment of the institution  in 1968.

This reaffirms ‘nationalism’ value of Eugenio Lopez. He said “Through its support to AIM, the Foundation extends its vision to the future by making possible educational opportunities from which it is hoped will come tomorrow’s professional managers dedicated to building a more productive society.”

 During the signing event where Lopez donates 25 million to Asian Institute of Management, Oscar M. Lopez rededicated himself to the ideals that led his father, Eugenio H. Lopez Sr., to support AIM’s establishment. He said that being deeply committed to education, his father saw that the idea of setting up an academic institution with similar standards and methods as that of Harvard University—where his father took up Masters in Law—“was a good way of providing his most lasting legacy to the Philippines and Asia.”

For more than a hundred years now, the Lopez Group Foundation has practiced the concept of private business reaching out to their communities and the whole nation, not only in times of calamities, but as a customary behavior. As time goes by, philanthropy has shifted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), they gave emphasis on equipping communities to stand on their own. These beneficiaries are treated not as dependents but are educated to become active partners for social development.

The CSR initiatives of the Lopez Group Foundation Inc are aligned with the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals (or MDGs) in poverty alleviation, education, environment, and health. The Lopez Group is also a champion in advocacy through its worldwide media outlets.

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