Walai (Directed by Adjani Arumpac) at the Metropolis Independent Film Program

If you enjoyed the first and the second part,  here's the part three of it.

metropolis n. [LL., fr. Gr metropolis, fr. meter mother + polis city]
1. The mother or parent city of a state or colony.
2. The chief or capital city of a country, state or region.

experience eclectic contemporary filmmaking / nurture support for local producers / create a dynamic network for cultural exchanges / express your ingenuity in the community. Join us for screenings of collected indie works featuring:

Walai - Directed by Adjani Arumpac
Walai is an exploration of spaces. It prods on the memories of four Muslim women who once lived in the infamous White House in Cotabato City. The documentary seeks narratives in “places...we tend to feel without history.” It traces the past through the women's experience of what has happened inside the wrecked home—nostalgia and fear, loss and love, and birth and death.


Session 3, 8pm Wednesday, September 1 FREE ADMISSION
followed by an open forum + world music & live entertainment ‘til late

Pre-event venue reservations: P150.00 plus 1 free drink
Donor contributions welcome

Tomato Bomb HQ 63-B Xavierville Avenue
Loyola Heights, Quezon City / Tel: 09189271147

To reserve call / text 09204610955, 09278748789 or email
linaofilms@gmail. com / anahatafoundation@ yahoo.com. ph

Presented by Anahata Foundation & Linao Films in cooperation with Tomato Bomb HQ, Zero Hour Design Solutions & UFO Workshops – Asian Pacific Film Institute An Initiative supporting the Millennium Development Goals

PR via Ben-Hur C. Bulos Winter
Projects Coordinator of Anahata Foundation

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