InfoSec Conference 2010

DigitalFilipino Club and Posh Marketing Services presents the InfoSec Conference 2010 that gathers top practitioners who will share best practices on Information and Technology security. This will happen on August 25, 2010 at the Venue: Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City from 9am to 5pm.


I - nternet use among Filipinos is now becoming a popular activity and through this conference we were be able to know what's the current state of the internet in the Philippines & if it's secure. FYI, InfoSec means Information Security.

N-ow with almost everyone's jumping on the online bandwagon. Listening on Janette's Toral of DigitalFilipino Club topic entitled "Search Engine Hacking and Information Gathering" is a must since all of us use search engine and didn't knew that information from that can be hacked and can be use against us.

F-or those wondering who is the target market of this conference? Almost everyone! especially those who uses the internet. Are your internet secured? Does the information you send online is encrypted or shared by the websites you visit? The topic of Wilson Chua & Fernando Martirez III of Bitstop Network entitled "State of Internet Infrastructure and Security in the Philippines" can help you learn more.

O- ther topic in this conference that is presented by DigitalFilipino Club and Posh Marketing Services includes:  "Technology Presentation: Justifying your Security Spend" by Mr. Jojo Colina of ePLDT, "Possibilities and Security Challenges in Cloud Computing" by Dr. Pierre Tagle of Mobiliance and Corporate Policy and Certification by Peter Scott of Global Competitiveness Consultancy and Training.

S-tate of Cyber Crime in the Philippines is the title of the topic JJ Disini (of Disini & Disini Law Office) will talk about. It is one of the most interesting topic in the InfoSec Conference 2010 because as we all know the Philippines has a lot of stories regarding this topic.

E-commerce growth in the Philippines is on a fast pace. What to expect? What to do to ride the wave? The answers are in this conference.

C-onferences like this one that has resource speakers from global enterprises, technology leaders, certified security professionals and law enforcers will help to identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities you and your  company are facing today.

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