Medicine Brands & Their Social Media Campaign

2010 is really a big year for social networking websites in the Philippines. This is a year, where big companies like pharmaceutical brands jump on the bandwagon, where they use social media websites like Facebook & Twitter to further promote their products. Why not? Using social media as an advertising tool is cost effective and easy at the same time. If done right, your brand will go viral before you even noticed it.

 I'm a fan of online contest and I'm really happy that there's a lot of local companies, who are already doing their contest online unlike previously, their contest was done through a tedious process of snail mailing your entry, then they will choose the winner via raffle. Of course, you'll see a lot of medicine brands campaign using social media online. These products has a lot of competing brands, so they must be ahead of one another in terms of advertising offline and online.


The number one goal of a company when they do online promotions thru social media is brand awareness. So when someone searched for a certain product online they will get some result, in short their online presence is felt. Now, people are most likely to search first online, before they purchase a certain products like medicines and health supplements. Like i mentioned above, online promotions is the most cost effective technique compared to printing brochures, producing television, print and radio advertisements or managing a call center.


One major negative thing about online contest and promotion, is these companies allow those who join their contest to "lie" just to enter their contest. Like for a example, a certain health supplement started an online campaign at Facebook. The mechanics is to complete the sentence "Why I love (the name of the product)" and the best one will be picked as the winner and will win some prize. Of course, those contestants would do anything just to bring home the prize even they don't really tried the product. They don't even care if that product is tagged no approved therapeutic claims or not.

There are also some medicine brand-related events that invited some bloggers and the best after-event blog post will win a gadget as a prize. Even thought there are some negative things you noticed about that event, you will set it aside because you want to win the prize. Or if you blogged about the negatived things you saw, your chances of bringing home the prize goes down the drain. These companies can be sneaky eh?!

JL Santiago Aquino

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  1. Well, that's why I really don't join contests promoting products that I don't really approve. :)

  2. I know right?! some people would do it to get the prize, tsk tsk

  3. nice blog..negative things is so dangerous..we need police here ryt?

  4. 360 feedback is a web based permotion and performance program which provides you an easy safe decisions by the concluded results from feedback's of individuals, what is 360 degree feedback.

  5. I totally agree with your opinion. These days we can no longer trust the truthfulness of product testimonials and the product reviews. Most of the time I rely on family and friends feedback if I want to something new, such as supplements, when I can't ask for my doctor's opinion. Relying on feedback and testimonials from a products website is my last option since I am aware that these testimonials were placed as a marketing strategy to entice the buyers.

  6. I suggest that we don't have to rely much on advertisements especially in buying medicines.

  7. I always see these online promotions as product suggestions. In buying products, especially medicines, I still seek recommendations from experts and trusted friends.

  8. ano pa asahan nyo aiai matagal ng pinagpapantasyahan ni aiai si alden kunyari anak ang turing nya pero lna l sya k alden pati director ng sps bakla rin ano pa
    asahan ntin dapat di na pinapanood sps magulo na maingay pa
    sakit sa tenga