Introducing Jed Baruelo, Sony Music Entertainment’s newest alt-pop talent

Filipino pop-rock sensation Jed Baruelo continues to gain significant traction in the Philippines with the success of “Nahuhulog,” a song that the singer-songwriter claims to be about the unexplainable feeling of falling in love and “being completely entranced by someone.”

To date, the song has stayed within the top 20 of the Spotify Philippines Top 200 charts for more than a month now and has gone viral on TikTok—thanks to the fan-driven videos that utilized swooning parts of the material for a more romantic effect.

“It really started with the ‘AUs’ on TikTok, wherein people used Nahuhulog as a sound for their made-up stories that entertained a particular community or fan base,” Baruelo shares. “And perhaps the ‘eye trend’ really helped a lot in the recognition of the song, whereas the trend’s context is to flex the eyes of their loved ones. Apart from this, the catchy chorus and intro of Nahuhulog must have really caught their attention.”

Written and produced by Jed Baruelo, the song tackles a kind of confessional love that overflows with excitement and genuine appreciation. Infusing alt-rock melodies with ‘80s synths and lush arrangements, the song is built like an instant earworm without completely sacrificing the intent of the lyrics.

In addition to the online popularity of “Nahuhulog,” Jed Baruelo was recently introduced as one of the newest artists under Sony Music Entertainment—home of the biggest OPM acts in recent memory such as Ben&Ben, SB19, Clara Benin, Ace Banzuelo, NOBITA, and more. 

“Working with Sony so far has been truly great, in the sense that I felt like I belonged to this family and that they are really helping me produce plenty of creative ideas to promote my songs,” the budding hitmaker declares. “I was really excited about the proposal from Sony with regards to my music career and further pushing my hit song, Nahuhulog, that is continuously charting.”

A few days ago, “Nahuhulog” was released with a music video that Baruelo co-directed with his cousin, Elijah Baruelo and his good friend, Rovic Bartolome. While the concept of the MV is different from the direct interpretation of the song, the viral singer-songwriter explains that the visual narrative conveys the message of “Nahuhulog” with a more nuanced take. 

Baruelo explains, “It basically shows that I am in a dream with a certain girl. It was evident that I was truly happy when I was with her, yet somehow that girl is a mystery, and I can’t seem to remember or recognize her when I woke up at the end. Moreover, the heart in the music video is a direct interpretation of an overflowing love that you have for a person to the point where your heart is literally falling on the ground.”

The music video of “Nahuhulog,” is produced by Joey Baruelo, Jed’s very own dad. It’s his first venture as a producer.

Jed Baruelo “Nahuhulog” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. 

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