DAGITAB 2022: Electrical and Electronics Engineering High School Virtual Camp

Out of more than 120 registrants, fifty qualified junior and senior high school students are set to participate in Dagitab 2022, an online workshop-competition that introduces ambitious youth to the field of electrical and electronics engineering (EEE), held by UP Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG). The event will be held in November with weekly synchronous sessions consisting of interactive lectures and engaging hands-on activities. The core topics of Logic and Circuits, Programming and Robotics will be taught throughout the event, serving as an early advantage for those who will pursue this field.

The free registration ended on October 11, open to all high schools throughout the country. The participants will be grouped and the winning teams will earn cash prizes for their efforts.

Promoting the EEE field to Filipino youth

Electrical and electronics engineering offers not only vast career opportunities but also innovative ways to contribute to the community. Advancements in engineering will greatly help Philippine society such as contributing to medical technology, smart agriculture systems, and more. It depends on our youth to continue paving this path for the betterment of our communities.

Making Connections Across the Country

Previously, Dagitab was only accessible to Luzon students due to geographical constraints. However, ever since being adapted to the online setup in recent years, students from all over the country have participated in the event. Hosts have accommodated language barriers by not imposing a strict English rule. Participants, guests and facilitators alike were able to connect with each other and build networks regardless of location.

Upholding the Organization's Values

UP ERG Diliman is largely composed of students from the fields of computer engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics engineering who strive to give back to their community using the resources we have available. One such resource is the quality of education we receive from UP Diliman's Electrical and Electronics Institute, and through Dagitab, the knowledge and skills taught to us are further shared to the youth.

For more information regarding the event, visit Dagitab’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/erg.dagitab. If interested in the organization and its events, like UP ERG’s Facebook account at www.facebook.com/erg.weconnect and follow its Twitter account at www.twitter.com/uperg.

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