Uwian Na, Lukan!: The Lukan Freshmen Orientation Program 2022

QUEZON CITY – Manong, para po! Diyan lang po sa may St. Luke’s College of Medicine!

St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine –William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM) will welcome their newest batch of medical students this July 29, 2022 as  the most exhilarating freshmen orientation program of the season is being anticipated.

Hosted by Batch 2026, the Freshmen Orientation Program 2022: Uwian Na, Lukan! is a one-day online event that will be filled with thrilling activities to warmly welcome their newest batch of freshmen to the diverse yet tightknit Lukan community. The event will include a virtual campus tour, student organization performances, and fun games to play with and against other fellow freshmen. Various school organizations will be introduced to the incoming batch wherein they will be given the chance to get acquainted not only with the Ates and Kuyas who share similar passions, but also with the Lukan life outside of academics. 

This year, the freshmen orientation program theme is Biyaheng Lukan which pays homage to the creativity of Filipinos in revamping and promoting the Philippine public transportation system. The concept’s integral elements include common public transport vehicles such as jeepneys, tricycles, and buses, which are all what most modern-day Filipinos use in going home from a hard day’s work. The event’s title “Uwian Na, Lukan!” essentially means that we are calling on the incoming new members of the Lukan community to come home to none other than the St. Luke’s College of Medicine. 

Tara’t samahan kaming salubungin ang mga bagong dating sa Uwian Na, Lukan!: Freshmen Orientation Program, July 29, mula 10AM-3PM!

Know more about FOP 2022: Uwian Na, Lukan! by visiting our Official Facebook Page.

━━ Written By Shereen Anne Tan

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