PAMANDAY: The Legacy of Excellence

The end is near, but that does not mean it's all over. Witness greatness as the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – National Capital Region (NFJPIA-NCR) proudly presents the greatest celebration of legacy in the 15th Annual Grand Summit entitled PAMANDAY: A Legacy of Excellence, this coming June 11 – June 26, 2022.

The 15th Annual Grand Summit is the final umbrella event organized by the NFJPIA-NCR AdSikYaOn Federation. It aims to support the holistic development of every accountancy student from the four districts of NFJPIA-NCR through the implementation of various academic and non-academic sub-events. Also, it seeks to establish mutual trust and friendship among JPIAns as they attend symposiums and competitions. The event is open to all; however, only NFJPIA-NCR members are eligible to join for competitions.

The first academic event is the PICPA WMMC Cup ft. Case Study, a tournament presenting real-world problems and challenges in the different fields where available tools and methodologies aid them in creating sensible recommendations for solving problems. Meanwhile, Case Study Colloquium is an academic event that aims to give a chance to all the members to make conversation about different case studies and how to scrutinize them. And the last academic event is the Microsoft Office Application, a webinar-type event that showcases a variety of talks from tech-savvy experts. This event consists of an overview of Microsoft applications, different techniques, and easy hacks about Microsoft Excel. 

 First off from the non-academic events is the NCR Next Top Model, a non-academic competition that serves as an avenue to express creativity and showcase the genuine beauty of JPIAns in the comfort of their home. On the other hand, JPIAn Cup is a non-academic quiz bee that will test the contestants' knowledge regarding different questions related to current news, Philippine history, and NFJPIA-NCR-related questions. And lastly, the NCR TikTok Challenge is a non-academic event that aims to provide a venue of amusement to all JPIAns as we strive through online.

These events will be held on the official Facebook page of the 15th Annual Grand Summit and via Zoom Cloud Meetings. Mark your calendars so you will not miss this legacy event of the NFJPIA-NCR. 

To stay updated, visit the event’s Facebook page here:

For more details, please contact:

Pauline May S. Mendez | Project Head 

Regional Vice President for Non - Academics 

(0977) 749 6887

Jeorge J. Rosales | Project Head 

Regional Vice President for Academics 

(0945) 109 5656 

Daniel B. Namit | Project Co-Head 

Regional Membership Associate - North 

(0908) 118 3029

Robert Vincent F. Alva III | Project Co-Head

Regional Presidential Associate for Grievances 

(0908) 611 7883

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