MEDALLA 2022: MediCareer ⁠— Exploring Career Paths and Opportunities & Medicine


Are you ready for one of the country’s most awaited high school National Academic and Public Health conference? Because MEDALLA 2022 is back for a second year this April 18-23, 2022 with the theme “MediCareer: Exploring Career Paths and Opportunities and Medicine”, and we are here to bring you more engaging webinars and contests. 

MEDALLA is a national academic and public health conference consisting of different academic competitions and lecture series, pooling the country’s best minds. It aims to promote students’ intellectual, social, cultural, and public health awareness through an interscholastic competition and lecture series. MEDALLA is the Ilocano term for “medal”. It pertains to an object that has a commemorative purpose and many are given as awards as a form of recognition.

Come and join us as we tackle the country’s most pressing issue in public health and medicine which is the issue of brain drain in the Philippines, explore medical research opportunities in the country, and discover intriguing specializations in medicine. 

We also have a lot of interesting and intellectually engaging competitions and activities, such as Public Health Opinion Writing, Science and Health Writing, Online Mobile Photography, Digital Poster Making, Medical Trivia Quiz Bee, Extemporaneous speech and the Science Investigatory Project.

So if you're a Junior or Senior High School student and is interested in joining this prestigious event, you may register at You may also visit our FaceBook event page for more information. If you have any questions or inquires, you may contact contact us through FaceBook or email us at

MEDALLA 2022 is a project by the UP Pre-Medical Society Baguio. UP PMS Baguio is a socio-academic organization in the University of the Philippines Baguio, consisting of young, hardworking, and dedicated individuals from different degree programs, united by the common disposition of taking up medicine in the future, all while aiming to embody the beauty of medicine, in theory and practice, to contribute to our humanistic growth, and to aid the community.

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