UPLB DevComSoc Welcomes 49th Year with Virtual Week-Long Celebration

The UPLB Development Communicators’ Society (UPLB DCS) is celebrating its 49th anniversary this year with the theme DCS49finity and Beyond. 

The virtual week-long celebration will run from March 28 to April 2 and will include a number of events showcasing the organization’s history and achievements. In addition, it will also serve as an avenue for both alumni and resident members to connect with each other and commemorate the organization.

This year’s theme, DCS49finity and Beyond, from the popular catchphrase “to infinity and beyond” aims to highlight the organization’s resilience and tenacity amidst challenges it endured through the years. 

The 49th anniversary will also be a celebration of its members’ continuous perseverance and commitment to thrive even in the midst of adversity. 

Three major events will be held online throughout the week-long celebration. Here’s what attendees can expect from the UPLB DCS DCS49finity and Beyond:

Online Tambayan (March 28)

Kicking off the week is the Online Tambayan, a virtual adaptation of the original DCS Tambayan that aims to strengthen the camaraderie of the resident members while having an evening of fun and kwentuhan. Activities include games, raffles, and a set of performances by the newest batches of members. 

The Online Tambayan will be held on March 28 via Zoom and is open to all former and present members of the organization.

Online Exhibit (March 28)

With almost 49 years under its belt, the UPLB DCS has a rich history filled with experiences and events dedicated to continuous service and excellence. The Online Exhibit will showcase milestones from the last 48 years to celebrate the organization reaching the 49th year of its journey. 

The exhibit will run for three days with each day introducing something new to discover. Day one will introduce this year’s theme ‘DSC49finity and Beyond’, while Day two will commemorate the organization’s history. 

Closing the exhibit on Day three are the highlights from the organization’s 49th year, as well as testimonies from the two recently inducted batches–Batch Hayag and Batch Habi. Attendees can visit the Online Exhibit starting March 28 via the UPLB DCS Facebook page.

Alumni Homecoming (April 2)

Finally, closing the week will be a homecoming event for alumni members to look back on the history and milestones of the UPLB DCS over the past 49 years. This will also serve as an opportunity for both alumni and resident members to come together and exchange stories on their experiences within the organization. 

Besides being an anniversary celebration, the Alumni Homecoming event also aims to unveil the organization’s most recent accomplishments while forging stronger bonds between past and present members. 

The Alumni Homecoming will be held on April 2 via Zoom and is open to all alumni and resident members of the UPLB DCS.

For more information, visit the UPLB DCS Facebook page.


The UPLB Development Communicators’ Society (UPLB DEVCOMSOC), being the pioneering organization in the College of Development Communication at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, has been a venue for harnessing bright minds in the pursuit of academic excellence, campus leadership, and independence of thought since its establishment in 1972.

In its 49th year of glorious and unwavering existence, the Society continues to further its goals and uphold the ideals of Development Communication–Communication for Social Change.

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