Navigating the Shifting Media Landscapes with UPLB Com Art Soc’s Eureka 2022

For this year’s installment, the UPLB Com Arts Society will uncover the fast-changing environment of media and communications in Eureka Masterclass Series 2022 this coming March 26, 2022. These workshop series are filled with discussions and exercises that are tailored to further cultivate individuals towards excellence, covering the topics of Songwriting, Advertising, and Theatre Production.

To give us a fresh perspective in the field of Songwriting as a form of progressive platform, “Vitrum” from Panday Sining Music Collective or also known as “Kontrapunto,” will be the guest speaker for “Songwriting in Activism.”

Proud alumni of the Organization, Ali Silao with sixteen-years of career experience in advertising will enlighten the participants in “Advertising Using the Gen Z Rhetoric” masterclass session.

Lastly, imparting a better context on how the Theatre Arts industry has been adjusting to the restricting and blurring boundaries brought by the pandemic is Ms. Katte Sabate in “Online Theatre Production.”

Apart from providing an outlet for artistic talents and aspirations, the UPLB Com Arts Society is also conducting a donation drive to raise awareness and help the community of Barangay Patungan, Maragondon, Cavite. Donations can be accepted through the following platforms:


Roel Anthony Wagan 0995 712 3765


Roel Anthony Wagan 1416 293 488


Francesca Yvette P Palma 012270026302

Continue learning and having a Eureka! moment through this series of lectures. Spanning from 4-7PM, these simultaneous workshops will be exclusively accessible only to the registered participants of the event via Zoom and breakout rooms. For more information, visit their Facebook and Twitter pages @UPLBComArtSoc.

Hosted by The UPLB Com Arts Society, the official academic organization for Communication Arts students in the University of the Philippines Los Baños since 1996.

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