UST UNESCO Club presents "Say Peace! Building a Better World Through Dialogue"

The UST UNESCO Club serves as a hallmark for peace initiatives that are geared towards its empowerment within fields of education, sciences, and culture. The University-Wide Organization inside the University of Santo Tomas has continuously accepted the challenge of cultivating a culture of peace within and beyond their community. Dedicated to promoting sustainability and cultural diversity, the organization has set out a campaign that aims to use relevant information as an equalizer for the pursuit of peace and security. Magnifying narratives, provoking consciousness and fostering unity amongst peace. These become pivotal objectives for Say Peace! UST UNESCO Club’s official podcast for the academic year 2021 to 2022. In this campaign, UUC has decided to team up with experts in the field of medicine, politics, the environment, and more. The 7-episode series yields inquisitive conversations that are founded on advocacy-driven and fact-oriented discussions. 

This year, the months of November and December bring about excitement as the first two episodes are scheduled to be released. The first episode, The Welfare of the Filipino Child: Safeguarding the Future’s Tomorrow will be uploaded on November 22, 2021. The pilot installment gives credence to the expertise of Sofia Ponce from UST Volunteers for UNICEF and Normina Mojica from the Council for the Welfare of Children. The second episode, Building Back Better: Strengthening The Health Workforce will be available to all on December 6, 2021. In here, the conversation is headed by Dr. Robert Dominic Gonzales and Dr. Christian Angelo Lubaton. Episodes 1 and 2 shall be visible to public by 7:00 PM on the said dates both on Spotify and IGTV. 

Say Peace! is definitely a campaign that is worth looking out for. As voices become amplified, the call for action becomes even stronger. Purveying both conscience and consciousness, the podcast shall serve as tool and guide for the procurement of genuine peace.

JL Santiago Aquino

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