5 Honeymoon Destinations in the Philippines

So you’re married! Congratulations! After all the fuss and bother of wedding preps and setting up for a life together, you newlyweds surely deserve a relaxing and fun honeymoon. Get your marriage off to an excellent start by jetting off to one (or more) of these destinations made for two! 

La Union

Get the finest of sun, sand, and surf in this up and coming province in Luzon. Apart from its rising reputation as a surfing spot and festival site, La Union has its share of idyllic resorts perfect for a romantic getaway. Be swept off your feet in the Grecian inspired hideaways at Poro Point or take in the natural vistas and pure shores in San Juan! Many of the accommodations in these lovely spots have amenities such as beach side cabanas, spas, 5-star dining and other niceties to suit your tastes and preferences. La Union makes an excellent base for short trips to Pangasinan or Illocos Sur, which are also renowned for their beaches, excellent cuisine, and historical sites. 


Are you lovebirds also shutterbugs? Then look no further than Batanes for some of the best landscapes in the world. Batanes is perfect for those craving both solitude and adventure; it is far off from the beaten track and has many opportunities for mountain biking and island hopping. The vistas of this province are worth capturing both in camera and as memories. Feeling more sedentary? Sample the local cuisine or simply cozy up together in sight of the wild seas and rugged cliffs just a stone’s throw away from your room. 


The island province of Bohol provides the best of both worlds when it comes to honeymoon destinations: world class amenities alongside a myriad of activities and day trips great for vacationing couples. There are many hotels and resorts within and around Tagbilaran City, or on the beautiful island of Panglao a short drive away. These cushy accommodations are a short walk or drive away from white sand beaches perfect for those seeking to commune with nature. You can even try something new together such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and other water sports thanks to all the waterfront facilities tied to these resorts.  Beaches aren’t your thing? Head inland to visit the renowned Chocolate Hills or take a lunchtime cruise down the idyllic Loboc River. 


Another island province that should be on your list of top destinations is Camiguin. Located a short boat ride away from Butuan or Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin boasts some of the most unspoiled sights in this part of Mindanao. There is no shortage of things to do: whale watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, or simply sunbathing and splashing on the beach. Camiguin is also renowned for its hot springs, which flow from the slopes of the volcano Mount Hibok-Hibok. What more could you ask for in order to relax? 


Can’t get away from the metropolis for too long? Then head up to Tagaytay for a weekend (and some) of much needed R&R. This city is known for its crisp and cool breezes that are perfectly coupled with mainstays such as piping hot bulalo and aromatic kape barako enjoyed while taking in the breath-taking sight of Taal Lake. There is no shortage of places to stay in Tagaytay: you can pick from large hotels such as Taal Vista or cozy hideaways such as Sonya’s Garden. From here you can wine and dine on any of the lovely restaurants along Tagaytay ridge, or take daytrips to surrounding towns such as Nasugbu, Amadeo, and Silang. Staying in? Avail of spa services or other in-house amenities that help make Tagaytay the city for rejuvenation. 

Although extended honeymoons in London, Paris and other cities remain dream favorites, the Philippines has much to offer for newlyweds needing breathing room before heading on into the realities of married life together.  This might be the only time for a while that it will be just you two, away from the world! We hope that this list will help you consider visiting the Philippines to celebrate the start of a new chapter in your lives. Once again, congratulations! 

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