Midas Royale Club members enjoy Wine 101

Is it true that red wine is best paired with meat-based dishes only? Is a deep punt or dimple at the bottom of the wine bottle really an indicator of a good wine? How do you keep a bottle of Zinfandel so it won’t taste like vinegar? Midas Royale Club (MRC) members learned the answers to these questions and more from a wine expert nonetheless, during the Wine 101 class recently held at Midas Hotel and Casino. The activity was headed by Guest Speaker and Philippine Wine Merchants Area Sales and Marketing Manager Jorge Jordana Joseph.

Every quarter, MRC members are treated to a fun, interactive learning activity on all things about Midas Hotel. This time, they learned more about wine and experienced how to #LiveRoyale. The event started with a short talk about wines – what are the different types, how each type varies, what are the wines’ characteristics and aroma, and many more. The guests were able to sample four (4) types of wine, along with an assortment of hors d'oeuvres. They enjoyed the wine-tasting activity, where they also get to identify the best-tasting wine according to their personal preferences.

The guests received a very detailed walkthrough about the basics of wine and busted common myths about it, including the one that says when looking for a good bottle of wine, “Get the one with a deep punt or dimple at the bottom – that’s a good one for sure.” It turns out, the deep punt is not a good indicator of a high-quality wine according to Joseph. What makes wine good depends on a variety of things, which he discussed during the informative event.

Joseph adds that one shouldn’t stick to the wine-food pairing rule we used to know: reds are for meat-based food and whites are for seafood dishes. Rather, one should be adventurous when it comes to food and wine pairing. “Don’t get stuck on traditional food and wine pairings. It’s okay to play and explore,” he shared. Along with this, he gave a list of different seafood and meat dishes that can be paired with red and white wines.

The interactive activity also welcomed questions from the guests. One guest asked why her Zinfandel tasted like vinegar after opening. This, according to Joseph, is due to improper storage. The wine was probably exposed to a high temperature or direct sunlight for a long time. Thus, guests also learned how to properly store their wine before and after opening.

Featured activities like Wine 101 is just one of the perks of MRC cardholders. Last quarter, MRC members were invited to join a Baking 101 activity, where the guests learned all things about baking from Midas Hotel and Casino’s Pastry Chef Rachel Cacapit-Joven.

MRC is the rewards program of Midas Hotel and Casino. Once signed up, members are given a card that serves as their gateway to a handful of Midas Hotel perks such as free accommodations, exclusive discounts, and a variety of other privileges for just Php8,000 a year. Avid staycationers and foodies will definitely enjoy this program. Midas Hotel has already made a name for itself as an excellent food stop in the Pasay area with both its regular buffet at Midas Café and by being home to Yanagi Japanese Restaurant. These and more lets MRC members to experience how to #LiveRoyale.

Those interested in being a member of Midas Royale Club can call (632) 902.0100 local 8232 or email membership@midashotelandcasino.com.

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