Troo launches BuildWealth Limited Pay as an investment-linked life insurance plan with guaranteed payment terms

When it comes to growing your wealth, insurance may not always be the first thing that comes into mind. But Troo’s BuildWealth Limited Pay not only offers policyholders an insurance policy with guaranteed payment terms, it comes bundled with a variety of investment options.

The newly launched policy is the latest in Troo’s variable unit-linked (VUL) suite of solutions that allows customers to “Grow Your Wealth, Your Way” by providing them with insurance protection and investment options. Through BuildWealth Limited Pay, policyholders can have access to four different investment funds: Bond, Balanced, Equity, and Asian Equity Funds.

“For the past four years, the unwavering patronage and support of our customers have helped us grow and build a strong foundation in the country,” said Milot Valencia, Chief Bancassurance Officer of Troo. “In line with our fourth anniversary, we are launching BuildWealth Limited Pay that gives you the power over your money because you can build wealth ‘how you want it’.

With Troo’s BuildWealth Limited Pay, customers can opt to pay for their policy over a guaranteed term period of 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. And this comes with protection for 10 years that may be extended at no additional cost.

“BuildWealth Limited Pay is tailored to suit your budget and lifestyle. With guaranteed payment periods, there’s no need to worry about additional premiums or paying longer than the payment period you signed up for, you are empowered to build your wealth on your own terms,” Valencia added.

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