7 Of The Most Breathtaking Hiking Destinations in The Philippines

If you want a different perspective—or a breathtaking view—of the country with a jolt of adventure, then hiking may just be what you never knew you needed. Thanks to over 7,000 islands in the Philippines and countless lofty hills and mountains, locals and even foreigners get to experience a full 360 take on different places in the country. But if you want your first few hikes to be worth the struggle, these seven hiking destinations will make you want to soak up every ounce of natural beauty:

Mount Pulag

It’s been involuntarily dubbed as the place that broken-hearted backpackers escape to, Mount Pulag is one of the most scenic places you can find in the Philippines. Plopped in the Cordillera Central, this hike will require you a few days worth of camping. But the summit is like nothing else–often described either as a sea of clouds or a vision of nature.

Mount Batulao

If you’re looking for a steeper climb with an equally serene view, Mt. Batulao in Batangas often offers a challenge. On your way to the summit, you can already clearly see a complete view of surrounding mountains and hills. But it will take you an average of 2-4 hours before reaching the peak, so make sure to come early so that you don’t miss out on the view while the sun is still up.

Mount Pico de Loro

Easily one of the most popular hiking destinations locally, Mount Pico de Loro is Cavite’s pride and glory. The well-visited mountain may be a tough climb, but many brave their fear of heights or the scorching sun for a rare photo atop the huge rock formation. It will take you an average of 3-4 hours before making your way to the peak though, but many hikers believe that all the physical strain is definitely worth it.

Mount Masungki and Nagpatong Rock

Mount Masungki has been a familiar spot for avid and long-time hikers, but it gained more traction and footprints when it got featured in a local movie called “Love You To The Stars And Back”. What’s particularly impressive about Mount Masungki is the stunning Nagpatong Rock formation. Unlike Mount Pico De Loro, this rock formation stretches into more of an iron shape. This hike also leaves a lot of time for trekking and not just rigorous climbing.

Mount Tapyas

Unlike the other mountains that required mountain climbing gear and quite the stamina, Mount Tapyas in Coron, Palawan is a much more breathable hike. Estimated to be 721 steps to the peak, this climb is complete with concrete steps to the top. It’s often included in many visitors’ itinerary. The peak has a cemented viewing deck that accommodate almost hundreds of visitors and a huge lighted sign that spells “CORON”. Even during sunset, the summit perfectly captures the islands’ silhouettes and plays with hues of orange and purple.

Mount Kabunian

Mount Kabunian in Benguet has more than just a stunning view to offer, it’s rich with culture too. It’s known to be a greatly respected and sacred location, alike to Sagada, this mountain has hanging coffins too. It’s not exactly recommended for beginner hikers, but for those who dare to trail the track, it nestles a picturesque scenery of the entire area and it’s neighboring mountains.

Mount Pinatubo

If you want to see part something that made history, you might as well visit Mount Pinatubo in Tarlac. It is famously known to have had the second largest volcanic eruption in 90s. But there’s nothing to fret about now as the mountain is quite silent. Many climbers visit the place not just for the challenging climb but to catch a glimpse of the crystal waters nearby or experience riding a 4x4 in the mountain area.

There’s something about persevering your way to the top of a mountain or the peak of an area to get the full glimpse of a place or province. Being a mountainous country, taking on the physical endurance for a bit of hiking and experience is definitely worth the fatigue. All these hiking destinations make for a great view at the summit, reminding locals and visitors alike just what the Philippines can naturally boast.

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